Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire shared a quote with deep meaning on his official social media handle today (Wednesday), October 4, 2023. The quote stated, “Everything You Can Imagine is Real”.

With this above-shared quote, the Deputy Prime Minister, Ernest Hilaire, emphasised the power of one’s Imagination to visualise things in such a specific way, consequently making them real.


“Everything You Can Imagine is Real,” this mysterious and deep meaning quote can also mean that all the things one can imagine are that one has already felt with their five senses.

Further, with this post, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire, in his official Facebook caption, wrote, “Your dreams are your blueprint for success.
Happy and Blessed Wednesday” with hashtags #ernestcares #motivated.

This means anyone can make things real and fulfilled if one’s dreamt off. The Deputy Prime Minister through this post, inspired people to remain creative, dreamy, and imaginative towards their life.

Reportedly, The quote mentioned above is the most famous for its deep and mysterious meaning by the famous and well-known Spanish painter and sculpter Pabalo Picasso. Apart from his famous and delightful artwork, there are also some quotes with the deep sense he once quoted.

From the series of quotes that Picasso has quoted, this quote is the second most beautiful one that came next to his first inspiring quote, stating, “It took me my whole life to learn to draw like a child.”

As per Picasso, the quote describes Imagination as the starting point of everything ever discovered and created. There may be more truth in the Imagination than in the current reality. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools one could ever have.





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