Saint Lucia: Prime Minister Philip J Pierre extended his pleasure on officially launching the Universal Health Care logo. He ensured that his Government has been working diligently to provide healthcare to every citizen of their country. 

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre also emphasised strengthening the Primary Health Sector of their country. He took to his Official Social Media handle recently to share his commitment to developing the healthcare sector of the nation.

He mentioned, “The Universal Health Care logo has been officially unveiled as my administration works diligently to ensure that healthcare is accessible & affordable to every citizen of this country.”

Further, Prime Minister Philip also ensured his commitment to continue strengthening the primary healthcare facilities. He also assured the promotion of healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing.

He emphasised Universal Health Coverage as more than a project. He stressed that it’s a promise to their citizens and a commitment to ensure that everyone in the nation has access to health care. 

“We also recognise the need to address the high levels of Non- Communicable Diseases and other health-related issues, which will be funded through the Health and Security Levy,” Prime Minister Philip added.

He mentioned health funds as a security to fund and serve those people who cannot afford it. He ensured people that his Government would increment the steps to health care. 

He also urged people to make effective compromises to be able to fund and help the sector of the nation. He asked for 2.5 % to be charged on essential goods to support the Unniversal Healthcare project. 

In conclusion, he urged people to take part in ensuring healthy and prosperous lives of people. “Let us all play our role in ensuring that we have a healthy and happy Saint Lucia, PM asserted.



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