South American-based Artist Martel expressed his gratitude on meeting with another Artist, Kintu, in Pisac, San Francisco. He said it was worthwhile to hear about his work and the concept he put behind his Paintings.

South American-based Artist Martel, who uses his travels and experiences in his art, took to his Social Media recently to share his gratitude for meeting another Artist, Kintu, in Pisac, a small town in the sacred valley of Peru. He shared that he was about to fall across his Studio around its central plaza, and then Kitnu invited him into his Art gallery for a chat.


Martel also shared some glimpses from his meeting with Kintu at his art gallery in a small village town of Pisac in Peru. He shared some art pieces from his art gallery, representing the various concepts and telling stories behind them.

Martel also shared that it was worthwhile to hear about his work and what his paintings symbolised. He shared with his followers that if they’ve followed him since he was in Colombia, they may remember the street art tour Martel went on in Bogotá, where he learnt about the significance of the ayahuasca ceremonies on people’s lives and artwork.

Martel also shared that Kintu explained that he paints following a ceremony and how each animal represents a particular aspect of the healing process. Martel shared that he had already learnt that the hummingbird symbolises freedom, and the jaguar represents the shaman. Still, Kintu also includes eagles and snakes in his works, symbolising power and eternal protection.

At last, Martel expressed his gratitude and said he loved the detailings and highly bright colours Kintu uses in his art and its symbolic meanings and called it the Great chatting with him ever.


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