French Authorities Foil Alleged Terror Plot Near Paris CDG Airport

The incident unfolded when firefighters responded to an explosion, finding a man with significant burns. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered materials and products indicative of bomb-making in his room

Paris Braces for Potential Garbage Collector Strike Amidst Olympic Preparations

The announcement, made by the CGT union branch representing trash collectors on Thursday, May 2, has raised concerns about the potential disruption to city sanitation services during a period expected to draw millions of tourists

Ageing Paris Metro Braces for Olympic Onslaught: 7 Million Visitors Expected

"It's really difficult, and we're not even at the Olympics yet when there are millions of people on it," she remarked, echoing the sentiments of commuters grappling with reduced services since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

Sadulaev Ineligible for Paris Games Amid Allegations of Ukraine-Russia Support

The 27-year-old, who clinched gold in the 86kg category at the 2016 Olympics and dominated the 97kg category in Tokyo 2021, had been aiming to secure his spot for Paris as a neutral athlete after withdrawing from last year's world championships due to injury

City Plans for Paris Olympics Allegedly Stolen in Train Theft

According to accounts provided by ESPN and local outlet BFMTV, a Paris City Hall engineer disclosed to authorities that his bag, housing his professional computer and two USB drives containing crucial data, vanished under suspicious circumstances.

Paris Transport Authority Overhauls Response to Passenger Emergencies Ahead of Olympics

This decision comes in light of concerns raised by commuters experiencing frequent delays and breakdowns in the Paris metro, exacerbating anxieties as the city prepares to host the prestigious global event

Eiffel Tower Renovation Agreement Reached Amidst Salary Negotiations

This agreement follows demands from striking employees who sought a proportional increase in wages corresponding to the revenue generated from ticket sales. Salary negotiations, initiated this week, are anticipated to conclude next month

Paris Iconic Riverside Booksellers Granted Stay During Olympics, Macron Rules

As the countdown to the Olympics opening ceremony on July 26th continues, plans were set in motion to temporarily remove hundreds of these beloved green boxes lining the river

“Paris Balcony Safety Debate Intensifies Ahead of Olympics Opening Ceremony”

Olivier Princivalle, representing the Property Professionals’ Association FNAIM, sounded the alarm, highlighting the vulnerability of buildings, some over 150 years old, to the strain of additional weight

Paris 2024 Olympic Medals Unveiled: Eiffel Tower’s Legacy Shines in Chaumet’s Masterpiece

Each corner of the hexagon is adorned with spurs resembling the rivets used in the Eiffel Tower's construction, further emphasizing the medal's connection to this architectural marvel

President Macron Champions Fitness Revolution Ahead of Paris Olympics

In his video, President Macron emphasized the multifaceted advantages of regular physical activity, highlighting its positive impact not only on health but also on various aspects of daily life

Macron faces crucial juncture as elections loom and challenges mount

The president's address comes at the close of a challenging year marked by contentious reforms and civil unrest. Macron's government pushed through highly unpopular pension reforms, prompting summer riots following the police killing of youths

Eiffel Tower shuts its doors: Strikes disrupt access to iconic landmark

A spokesperson for the Eiffel Tower confirmed that the closure is in effect until further notice, citing ongoing contract negotiations between the city of Paris, which owns the 134-year-old monument, and the striking workers

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IOC Approves Russian and Belarusian Athletes for Paris Olympics Under Neutral Status

Notably, tennis, swimming, and judo were not included in this initial assessment. The IOC panel's evaluation focused on ensuring that the athletes had not expressed support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine or had affiliations with military or state security services

Ferrari Triumphs Again at Le Mans 24 Hours Amidst Rain, Drama, and Endurance

Navigating through treacherous conditions and intense competition, Nicklas Nielsen, Antonio Fuoco, and Miguel Molina piloted the No 50 Ferrari to the chequered flag, overcoming a grueling 24-hour challenge that tested both man and machine

France Gears Up for Intense Campaign as Mbappé Urges Younger Generation to Vote

France braces for a crucial two weeks of campaigning after President Macron's unexpected call for snap parliamentary elections. This decision follows significant far-right gains in the European Parliament elections, prompting Macron to prematurely dissolve the Assemblée Nationale

Roberto De Zerbi Nears Managerial Role at Olympique de Marseille: A Strategic Game-Changer for French Football

The club is reportedly finalizing terms with former Brighton and Hove Albion manager Roberto De Zerbi, marking a significant step forward in their quest for footballing excellence

Paris to Trial Flying Cabs During 2024 Olympics

VTOL aircraft will operate from a vertiport on a barge near Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris's 13th arrondissement. Positioned at the Cité du Design et de la Mode, this hub will be the central station for flying cabs during the Olympic Games