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Blizzard Entertainment’s director J. Allen Brack has resigned as president, the company announced on Tuesday. Activision Blizzard told employees on Tuesday morning that Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra will “co-lead” the company. Activision Blizzard employees left work last week to protest the leadership’s response to a lawsuit alleging the company’s “persistent sexual harassment” and gender discrimination. Oneal previously served as executive vice president of development, while Ybarra led the company’s platforms and technology. Oneal also directed Vicarious Visions, which Blizzard acquired in January.

Ybarra previously served as corporate vice president of Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass at Microsoft. He joined Blizzard in 2019. Future work to ensure that Blizzard becomes the safest and most welcoming workplace for women and people of any gender, race, sexual orientation or origin; defend and strengthen our values, and rebuild their trust,” a Blizzard spokesperson In a statement, “With their years of industry experience and a strong commitment to integrity and tolerance, Jen and Mike will lead Blizzard with care, compassion, and dedication to excellence. You will hear more from Jen and Mike soon. “Brack issued a statement on Blizzard’s website: I believe Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra will provide the leadership that Blizzard needs to realize its full potential and accelerate the pace of change. I expect them to do so with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, And they can be trusted to lead the components of our culture with the highest level of integrity and commitment that make Blizzard so special.

Activision Blizzard was sued by the Department of Housing and the California Expo Employment (DFEH) for creating a system that allows sex discrimination and sexual harassment. “Brotherhood boy culture.” The lawsuit stated that Brack knew that this behavior was because he had received complaints directly. Apart from disciplinary actions, he took almost no measures to stop his 15-year veteran Brack who worked at Blizzard. Be the head of the company. He has been president since October 2018. The then-president and CEO Mike Morhaime decided to resign and hand over the baton to him. Before being promoted to the head of the studio, Brack served as the leader of the World of Warcraft development team for many years. Morhaime co-founded Blizzard in 1991. When he was promoted, he described Brack as “an inspiring leader who showed an unwavering commitment to the Blizzard community.” Activision Blizzard published a copy immediately after the lawsuit was over.

The official statement called the lawsuit. It includes “a misrepresentation of Blizzard’s past, which in many cases is a false description.” Internally, several executives issued statements; in one of the letters, Braque called the allegations “extremely disturbing.” Activision Blizzard executive and former George W. Bush national security adviser Francis Townsend called the lawsuit “baseless and irresponsible” in a statement, and has since been criticized by current and former employees. Thousands of Activision Blizzard employees signed a letter calling on Townsend to resign as the executive sponsor of the Women’s Network. After this letter, Activision Blizzard employees in California and elsewhere left their jobs to protest the leadership response. Townsend then tweeted a tweet about “reporting a problem”, and this story was published in The Atlantic Monthly in July. After a major whistleblower at Activision Blizzard, the strange moments of this tweet made current and former employees dissatisfied, who in turn criticized it. Allegedly, Townsend began to block current employees who opposed him.

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The President of Blizzard Entertainment has Resigned Fromm His Post