The teams in Adiyaman, Turkey, saved a horse that was discovered to be alive in the wreckage of a building 21 days after the earthquake. A horse that was buried in concrete debris and managed to survive for 21 days without food or water is practically miraculous.


Horses are among the strongest creatures in the world and are well-known for their power, endurance, and ability to pull heavy loads. Because they have been used to draw heavy loads and carts since ancient times, horses have naturally developed to have robust muscles, a big heart, and strong lungs.

The horse that was saved in Adiyaman, Turkey, showed that horses are also capable of going for extended periods without food or water.

Several countries and their inhabitants stepped up to help Turkey, which is tolerating the biggest natural disaster it has seen in the past 50 years. Yet, animals also played a big part in search and rescue activities in different parts of Syria and Turkey.

Rescue teams frequently deployed dog squads when searching for victims buried beneath debris and fallen structures. The canines’ extraordinary sense of smell helped them locate victims that humans were unable to see or hear.

A Swedish dog named Killian, who was part of the Swedish search and rescue squad that arrived in Turkey after the earthquake and saved the lives of 17 people, is an illustration of the significance of animals in rescue operations.


Twitter user @ Eren5085570 shared this information. Additionally, he posted a video of a ceremony held by Mexican troops and rescuers to honour a Mexican dog that had been brought to Turkey by a rescue squad. He died while attempting to save two people hit by the falling structure.

That is why dogs are referred to as humans’ best friends. Many individuals talked about how loyal and innocent dogs and other animals are to humans in Eren’s comment area. Yet, they also made remarks about how people handled animals.

Humans have slaughtered animals for their skins, teeth, and other high-value marketable items. For hunting, some people kill helpless animals just for fun.

The images from Turkey clearly show how animals treated people and what people did to them in response, such as killing them for their skin or using them for experiments or hunting.


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