The United States of America introduced their newly crowned American Pageant 2023 on Monday, April 10, 2023, Hannah Le Tourneau– The USOA Mrs. 2023.

The United States of America took to their social media on Monday, April 10, 2023, and shared about the newly crowned pageant of 2023, Hannah Le Touneau, who has been crowned as USOA Mrs. 2023.


The United States of America introduced their newly United States of America Mrs 2023, Hannah Le Tourneau as a proud Airforce wife to my husband, Nick. Who flies the F22 Raptor at Langley Airforce base, Haannaa Le Touneau has been married to his husband, Nick, for five years and has moved over eight times for his job and mine in the past five years.

The United States of America Pageant Mrs. 2023, Hannah Le Tourneau, is also the Regional Manager for Maserati. She oversees 13 dealers in 6 different states. Hannah Le Tourneau is also known for being the face of the company for her dealers and handles sales, Marketing, Incentives, and inventory. Sometimes she also works as a therapist. It depends on the day. The United States of America Pageant 2023 also introduced Mrs 2023 Hannah Le Tourneau as a Chrysler kid, as she was born into the auto industry and sold her first car at 12 years old.

Hannah Le Tourneau is pursuing her master’s in marketing at Emerson University. Hannah’s platform is Reach Out and Remember, focusing on the 1.6 million people that enter hospice every year. Hannah started her Reach Out and Remember platform in honour of her great-grandparents. Hannah began this to inspire others to remember the elders, their family, and their time of need.

Hannah Le Tourneau also published a children’s and colouring book author. Her books focus on teaching children the importance of giving back to others. She also used her books to abuse my children’s books and colouring books with stroke patients who are learning to read and write again.

This is Hannah le Tourneau’s third year competing at USOA nationals. She shared that she’s also very excited to be back at her pageant “home” for the 3rd time, It was the charm, and she felt honoured to be the new USOA MRS 2023.


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