The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, says he is willing to work with new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to “rebuild” the France-Australia relationship.

The two leaders have shared word via telephone on Thursday night in the wake of Albanese’s election victory last Saturday.


According to Macron’s office, “Pair have agreed to rebuild a relationship of trust” after ties were ruptured over a scrapped $90 billion submarine deal.

The statement further added, “they would rebuild a bilateral relationship founded on trust and respect”, noting the breakdown in confidence under the Morrison government, which halted an agreement to buy French submarines.

Macron’s office said that the two sides would work together on pressing global issues, including climate change and strategic challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

Ties between Canberra and Paris plummeted after Morrison tore up a submarine deal with France’s Naval Group last year.

He opted for US or British nuclear-powered alternatives as part of a landmark security agreement- the trilateral AUKUS alliance- with Washington and London.

The switch caused fury in Paris, with Macron blaming Morrison of lying about the future of the contract worth $90 billion.


France also recalled its ambassador to the US- its historic ally- in an unprecedented move. In March, defence officials have disclosed the federal government could pay more than $5 billion to France to end the deal.



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