Toulouse, France: A 17-year-old British boy, Alex Batty, who had been missing for six years, has been located in Toulouse, France. Alex is currently at a young person’s centre in Toulouse and is expected to return to the UK within hours, according to the prosecutors’ office in the city.

The astonishing discovery unfolded when a motorist spotted Alex walking through the rain near Toulouse and promptly contacted local authorities.


Delivery driver Fabien Accidini, the concerned motorist, revealed that Alex had approached him and used his phone to send a heartfelt message to his grandmother in the UK, expressing his desire to come home.

The teenager had gone missing in 2017 during a holiday in Spain with his mother and grandfather. The pair, who lacked parental guardianship of Alex, are now wanted in connection with his disappearance but have not yet been located.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance and the subsequent years spent in France remain shrouded in mystery. Fabien Accidini shared that Alex had been walking for four days from an undisclosed mountainous location.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Mr. Accidini searched the internet, discovering that Alex was a missing person. He promptly contacted French authorities, setting the reunion between the teenager and his family in motion.

Using Mr Accidini’s Facebook account, Alex reached out to his grandmother in the UK, writing, “Hello Grandma, it’s me, Alex. I’m in France Toulouse. I really hope that you receive this message.

I love you; I want to come home.” The emotional plea echoed Alex’s challenges and experiences during his years away from home.


French authorities disclosed that Alex had been living in the remote Pyrenean valleys, moving from place to place within a kind of itinerant commune.

The Pyrenean region is known for attracting individuals seeking alternative lifestyles, adding a layer of complexity to Alex’s unexpected journey.

While the circumstances of his living situation and the reasons for his extended absence remain unclear, Alex’s grandmother, Susan Caruana, expressed her joy at being in contact with him. In a statement, she mentioned, “I am so happy. I have spoken to him, and he is well. It is such a shock.”

Susan Caruana had previously suggested that Alex’s mother and grandfather had taken him to live with a spiritual community in Morocco, seeking an alternative lifestyle without formal education.

Alex’s reunion with his family comes after years of uncertainty and speculation about his whereabouts.

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) stated that they are supporting the British nationals in France and are in contact with local authorities.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed their engagement with French authorities to put “safeguarding measures in place,” acknowledging the complexity of the investigation.

The discovery of Alex Batty brings a mix of relief and questions about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and life in France over the past six years.

As the family reunites and authorities work to unravel the details, this extraordinary story captivates the public’s attention, underscoring the enduring hope for reunions even in the face of long-standing mysteries.


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