Denmark ranks second in world’s happiest country with 7.58 points

After Finland, Denmark took second place on the list of the world's happiest people. Eight of the ten happiest nations were found in Europe, with Denmark scooping second place at 7.58 points

Another demonstration in London & Paris to stop weaponizing Ukraine

Another demonstration in the UK was observed, with people calling on the government to cease providing guns and ammunition to Ukraine since it keeps making things worse rather than preserving peace

UK vows to take action against attack on Indians by Khalistan supporters

New Delhi: According to British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, the UK's police and security agencies have promised to take action against any illegal activities while carefully watching the attacks on Indians

Russo-Ukraine war marks one year; Russia doubled its military budget since 2021

During 2019-2021, Russia increased its military spending, and in 2021 its military budget doubled compared to the previous 2020, reaching almost $ 66 billion, which is 4.1% of the Russian GDP

Air India purchases 250 aircraft from Airbus & 290 from Boeing

As part of India's growth plans, the Indian international airline Air India has purchased 250 aircraft from Airbus and up to 290 aircraft from Boeing, breaking records by completing most extensive purchase in aviation history

Royal Navy Marine Corps conduct mine safety and engineering training

Royal Navy Marine Corps, instructors of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands, conduct mine safety and engineering training in basic general military activity in the UK

Jihad-motivated detained for planning terrorist attack at RAF base

After being reportedly caught in charge of a pressure cooker bomb outside a hospital in Leeds, a trainee nurse has emerged in court accused of planning a terrorist attack at an RAF base

UK: Lord Rami criticised BBC for biased reporting against Indian PM Modi

Lord Rami Ranger, a member of the UK House of Lords, has criticised the BBC for its two-part onslaught on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also questioned the BBC's inaccurate reporting on the two-part programme "India: The Modi Question" in a tweet

Henry Cavill officially announced that he is not returning as Superman

The British actor Henry Cavill, best known for his roles as Superman and The Witcher, made the official announcement on his social media accounts that he would not be returning to the DC Universe because the new chairman and Guardians of the Galaxy director have other ideas and is attempting to create a new DC universe

Ukraine’s first lady Olenka Zelenska met Ukrainians in UK

During their trip to the UK, the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska met PM Rishi Sunak and Prince Charles III. As she walked into a committee meeting, there was a standing ovation

World bank to provide additional $4.5 billion aid to support in Winter

Kira Rudik, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian people, stated in a statement that the World Bank will provide Ukraine with winter support in the amount of $4.5 billion. It is becoming ever more challenging for the Ukrainian people to tolerate the chilly temperatures as Russian missile attacks sabotage the water and power supplies

Dorothy Robson, The ‘Bomb Sight Bertha’

Dorothy Robson was born on a cold afternoon on 10 November 1919 at her family home at number 14 Redcar Road, Guisborough. Her dad, Shafto Robson, was a pharmacist and manager at John Willy Frank's Chemists'. He had recently returned from service in the First World War, where he fought in the trenches in Belgium, working with poison gas

Top 5 most fashionable countries around Globe

Fashion is the most discussed and exciting subject in every country situated in different regions around the Globe. Each nation is known for its unique and latest styles of fashion which several people, especially youth, show their keen interest in term fashion

EU Prez Ursula von der Leyen held phone call with UK PM Sunak; discussed major issues

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday held a telephone conversation with the newly elected Prime Minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak.

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St Kitts and Nevis: Adelcia Connor visits India with government representatives for media familiarization tour

Adelcia Connor Ferlance, press secretary for the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, accepted an offer to join a media familiarisation tour in India scheduled for March 22–29, 2023, for South America and the Caribbean

The Belgium Embassy on hosting screening of ‘Exploits Solidaires’; a Belgian Documentary

The Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi posted an update on social media of coming together with the Belgium business council for the screening of a Belgian documentary called ‘Exploits Solidaires’ on Friday, March 3, 2023

Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Know here: World’s Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Know here, World's Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Embassy announces opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium announced the official opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg on Saturday, 18 March 2022, through their social media handle, highlighting their specialities in clothing, Home goods, design items and jewellery