The Salvation Army United Kingdom and Ireland Territory introduced one of their support workers Chis, who recently met HRH Prince of Whales United Kingdom to launch his new charity Homewards in Sheffield. The Salvation Army recognised and honoured his hard work and shared his story.

As per the Update, the Salvation Army United Kingdom and the Ireland Territory Support worker, Chis, came to the UK as a student, then lost the right the work when he claimed asylum. With no access to public funds, he was homeless for many years, sleeping in his car in Petersfield and night shelters in Sheffield.


“Your car becomes your home, your living room, your bedroom, kitchen, it becomes everything,” Chish explains, “The hard thing was I didn’t know if I would have the money to keep my car going. My main worry was what I would do when it was due for its MOT, insurance, fuel.”

When he turned to us for help, we could support him with food, clothing, showers, and friendship.

“I explained everything to the church secretary and his wife, and they invited me to their house for a shower, to wash my clothes, and for a proper meal,” Chis remembers, “They helped me pay for my fuel and car insurance so I could keep my car. Where else but The Sally Army would you find someone willing to do that? They had known me only a few days and allowed me into their house, not knowing who I was or what I was about.”

When Chish moved to Sheffield, he wanted to give something back, so he started volunteering for us.

“I have never wanted to sit around and do nothing,” he says, “my mother always said: ‘All you can do as a human is to work and work hard’, so it was good I could volunteer.”

Eventually, Chish was given leave to remain, and he got a job as a support worker at our Charter Row Lifehouse; he now helps homeless others.


“I have my flat now, and I’m doing a degree in Business Management at the University of Sheffield, so I feel positive about the future…Without The Sally Army, I would not be here. I would have died, or I don’t know what would have happened. I cannot think of anywhere I could have gone and got the help I got from Sally Army as an organisation and the people involved in it.”



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