In honour of World Menopause Day yesterday (Wednesday), October 18, 2023, the spotlight turns to Maggie Holloway, a remarkable individual who opens up about her Menopause Journey.

Ayrshire-based Maggie Holloway’s Journey through the challenging phase of menopause has ignited a wave of change and compassion.
Her inspiring story has led her to establish the Menopause Health-Matters clinic in Miller Road, Ayr.


“It’s important to talk about menopause openly,” Maggie emphasized.

“It’s something that affects women’s lives significantly, and we need to create a supportive community to address the physical and emotional challenges that come with it,” she said while highlighting her menopause journey.

Maggie’s experiences with menopause led her to explore ways to help others facing similar challenges.

After extensive research and gaining knowledge on various menopause treatments, she decided to establish the Menopause Matters Clinic, located on Miller Road in Ayr.

The Menopause Matters Clinic is a dedicated space where women can seek guidance, advice, and medical support during their menopausal Journey.

The private clinic offers a range of services, including professional doctors, hormone therapy, nutritional advice, mental health support, and Holistic and educational workshops, all tailored to each patient’s unique needs.


This initiative has received overwhelming support from the local community, with women praising Maggie’s dedication and commitment to destigmatizing menopause.

Several women have already benefited from the services provided at the Menopause Matters Clinic, and it has quickly become a haven for those seeking assistance and understanding during this phase of life.

Maggie Holloway’s story is a testament to the power of individual experiences in bringing about meaningful change.

Her Menopause Matters Clinic stands as a beacon of hope and support for women in Ayr and beyond, illustrating the significance of discussing menopause openly and seeking the help and guidance many may need during this transitional phase.


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