Saint Lucia: Mc Claude Emmanuel, the CEO of the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CIP) of Saint Lucia, earned appreciation for his effort to make the programme extra attractive and successful. The CIP programme of Saint Lucia stood third in the CBI Index 2023.

The Citizenship by Investment programme is meant for individuals seeking new opportunities on the global stage.


CEO Emmanuel has been working consistently to enhance the programme and attract the maximum number of investors. He has also worked effectively towards the nation’s political, economic security and social stability.

CEO Emmanuel is making every possible effort to make the programme successful and stand as the number one for investors to invest and get citizenship in Saint Lucia.

Geographically, Saint Lucia is situated in a location that provides amusing weather and appealing landscapes. It is among the most efficient destinations for retirees seeking lifetime investment and settlement.

The CIP of Saint Lucia was introduced in 2016 and gained remarkable success. Presently, under the guidance of Mc Claude Emmanuel, the programme has become a milestone for other countries with CBI programmes.

It is the dedication and determination of CEO Emmanuel that, for the 2023 CBI index, Saint Lucia secured the third rank in the CBI Index 2023

This third rank in the CBI index reflected the conducive investment environment and innovative strategies and initiatives to attract huge investments in the countries.


In one of his recent interviews, CEO Emmanuel said that promoting the “Beyoind the passport” scheme has great potential to encourage investors towards Saint Lucia and invest beyond the objective of citizenship.”

Some amendments in the CPI programme of St. Lucia were introduced on 1 January 2023. These amendments proved very productive for the growth of the programme.

CBI Index 2023 ranking

The CBI index is the most extensive ranking system that evaluates all those nations providing Citizenship to investors worldwide. The Saint Lucia CIP has achieved a significant milestone by ranking 3rd in the CBI Index 2023.

CEO Emmanuel’s timely and bold initiatives have led the programme to succeed and rank consecutively in two years.

Following are rankings secured by Saint Lucia in its 9-pillar grading system of the CBI index.

Standard of Living: 06
Freedom of Movement: 07
Minimum Investment Outlay: 10
Mandatory Travel/ Resident: 10
Citizenship Timeline: 09
Ease of Processing: 08
Due Diligence: 07
Family: 09
Certainty of Product: 06

These above positions have successfully demonstrated the significant milestone the CIP programme has achieved. The continuous hard work and consistent effort of CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel proved fruitful.




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