Saint Lucia: CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Unit MC Claude Emmanuel has taken practical steps to make the Citizenship by Investment Programme one of the leading programmes among the High Net Worth Individuals.

Through his efficient hard work and determination, he has launched some of these steps, such as strengthening the Due Diligence Standard of the Programme.


The Due Diligent option aims to maintain the dignity and credibility of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

This option includes certain stages, such as ensuring proper background checks and face-to-face interviews to ensure only valuable and deserving investors get Saint Lucian Citizenship.

These significant changes by the CEO have helped Saint Lucia secure a position among the top in the CBI Index 2023. This is the third consecutive year that the programme is being recognised at the top by the index.

CEO Claude Emmanuel has continuously worked and contributed his significant efforts to make the programme reach new heights. He has worked to help investors to enhance their living standards.

He has also worked to make investors lead a happy, secure, and prosperous life. CEO Claude Emmanuel has remained committed to making CIP Saint Lucia one of the leading programmes in the Investment Immigration Industry.

The CIP has come up with timely variations and advancements to help the investors remain sustained, safe and secured in their ideal destination.


Additionally, the newly implemented policies and programmes helped the investors to acquire numerous investment benefits in protecting their wealth, stabilising their lives and getting lifetime access to a developing nation’s benefits.

It helped retirees and those looking for their lifetime investment and settlement. It also provides investors with several benefits, such as portfolio diversification, wealth planning, doors to new markets and a secure life.

Through all these countless efforts by CEO Emmanuel, the Saint Lucia CIP has continued to evolve and bring the best variations for the HNWIs to reside in a beautiful and captivating nation.





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