The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium congratulated the Union of Ukraine Youth in Belgium on their 75th Anniversary, which took place recently at the Centre of Vihovno-vidpocinkovogo centre of Frankopole.



As per the Update, The event began with the welcome speech of the Chairman of the SUM, Nikolai Levitsky and representatives of the organization who shared their memories from the time of the union.

In the framework of the concert program, all present witnessed a fantastic musical performance by children of Ukrainian works. The melodic strings of bandura were also the decoration of this evening performed by Nadia Balič.

Temporary Trustee Natalia Anoshina congratulated the Union of Ukrainian Youth on this remarkable event: “For 75 years, your parents, and now you also invest your soul in raising a young, conscious and patriotic generation of Ukrainians in Belgium.”

“The path of becoming the union was difficult and artistic. And I express my sincere gratitude to the SUM above all for that Ukraine is always in your hearts, and throughout your history, you are committed to your slogan “God and Ukraine”, raising youth on Christian-ethical principles and traditions of Ukrainian spirituality. Your concern for nurturing our country’s true patriots is priceless.

The history of the Union of Ukrainian Youth begins in May 1925 as an underground organization in Kyiv.

Born with the main idea of being accessible and independent of the Bolshevik power of Ukraine, SUM, through the spiritual, social, cultural, educational and physical spheres, tolerates such vital qualities of Ukrainian youth as national consciousness, honesty, hard work, loyalty to national-Christian traditions and ideals.


Due to the exposure of the activities of the pro-Ukrainian organization and the destruction of many members of the SUM by the Soviet authorities, young Ukrainians had to seek refuge in European countries, hoping for a quick return to free Ukraine.

But the road to independence took many decades. That is why now the SUM centres are represented in Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, and other countries where, for many years, Ukrainians have fought for recognition of Ukraine and Ukrainian history and culture.

Yes, in the fall of 1953, Ukrainian youth in emigration, thanks to the organization of manifestations and the publication of books, drew the attention of the world community to a sad date in Ukrainian history-20th anniversary of the silenced Moscow Holodomoru in Ukraine 1933.

The Union of Ukrainian Youth in Belgium has worked for 75 consecutive years and contributed to developing Ukrainian youth.


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