The ongoing battle continues to kill and displace people in Ukraine and refugees continue to flow into Italy. The recent figures available have shown that, as of the September-end, around 171,546 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Italy because of the ongoing war, including 91,288 women, 31,086 men and 49,172 minors.
The Italian civil protection organization has allocated extra 40 million euros to increase the availability of municipal services in places hosting a “significant” number of Ukrainian asylum seekers. The directive by Civil Protection Directorate chief Fabrizio Curcio was published on Tuesday in the official gazette.
Among those who have arrived in Italy, 158, 850 have requested and obtained a stay permit for temporary protection (114,026 women, 44,824 men and 60,668 minors). Lombardy, in the north, is the region, is the region in which the recent number of requests have been filed (28,024), followed by Emilia Romagna (18,596), Campania (16,673), Lazio (14, 231), and Veneto (13,282).
The top cities in terms of requests are: Rome (9,890), then Naples (8,516), Milan (6,967), Brescia (4,804), Caserta (3,517), and Turin (3,489).
Those requesting protection can receive a contribution of €300 per month for up to three months. So far, according to civil protection figures, this contribution has been given to 115,473 people, with the largest number in the Lombardy (20,760), Emilia Romagna (14,186), and Campania (13,884) regions.
Conventions have also been brought in with 10 entities including the Catholic charity Caritas and the social and cultural association ARCI, which have made 5,493 places available.


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