While setting a record, the 19-year-old Belgium-British Pilot Zara Rutherford is the youngest woman to fly solo worldwide, touching her small airplane down in western Belgium on Thursday, January 20, 2020. She spent around 155 days in the space when she departed from the country.

She further dedicated the achievement to herself, her family and also to all these young women who wanted to achieve success in male-dominated sectors like aviation and the precise sciences that pushed the industry.


While expressing her pleasure, Rutherford asserted,” Go for it, It will take time, but with a lot of patience, dedication, hard work, and a lot of work, you can make it possible. It will give you incredible feeling when this will become a reality”.

She had flown and experienced the adventure of the frozen tundra in Siberia to typhoons in the Philippines and the stark beauty of the Arabian desert.

He shared the incident that in the journey, one time, her one-seater Shark microlight plane got filled up with the stench of California wildfires.

She often flung in absolute solitude overseas desolate land, and there were not any potential rescue teams. She had also spent many weeks in the isolated tiny Siberian village of Ayan, and she had not any contact with her family or the world she was in contact with.

So, she became very happy after meeting with her pilot parents and brothers.

Further, her mother Beatrice cited,” As a family, we will celebrate the achievement together, and I feel Zara want to celebrate her achievement by sleeping at least two weeks”.


She will find herself in the Guinness World Records when she wakes up as she had been left behind by the 30-year-old American aviator Shaesta Waiz since 2017.

She has taken three months for her international flights, and due to bad weather and visa issues, she has ended her journey for weeks on end, which further extended her adventure by about two months.





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