There is a sudden spike in the sales of electric space heaters as Belgians are preparing for a cold and expensive winter, marked by high gas prices and inflation. In Belgian stores, the sale of heaters and electric blankets has increased significantly.
Since August, several major stores have seen a significant increase in interests of the products. At one store, Krefel, sales have massively increased compared to last year.
Meanwhile, the spokesperson for Krefel, Frederic Berghmans, “For the month of August, we are at more than 2.5 times more sales for electric convectors and oil-filled radiators.”
Household gas prices have increased significantly this year, with the average annual gas bill jumping to over €5,900. Electricity is slightly cheaper at just over €3,200. Savvy Belgian households, in anticipation of the winter months, are choosing plug-in electric and oil-filled heaters to provide heating for bedrooms and other spaces this winter, in a bid to reduce their heating bills.
In anticipation of this surge in interest for heaters, retailers are already stocking their shelves.
“Consumers are already asking for heaters this week. We are expecting a rush for electric heaters. We have the stock. We have put everything in place in the stores,” said Corinne Nollet, purchasing manager for Vandenborre.


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