Immigrants illegally occupied building in Brussels

Hundreds of homeless people, many of them migrants and refugees, have been living in squalid conditions in an occupied building in Brussels for several months. In the Belgian capital, thousands of potential asylum seekers have been left to fend for themselves due to chronic overcrowding at the official reception facilities

Brussels: High-speed Van crashed into cafe terrace, six injured, driver detained

The Belgian Police reported that Six individuals suffered from minor injuries after a van crashed into a café terrace in the centre of Brussels on Friday afternoon. The incident occurred around 13:00 local time on Rue Saint-Michel near the city's shopping centre

Belgium: Federal government to authorize new laws against Femicide

Following the murder of a young Spanish woman in Brussels, The Federal government of Belgium endorsed a proposal framework law on Friday that defines numerous types of violence that can decrease various kinds of crimes

Belgium: 1 Million employees expect 11.6% pay rise to match inflation

Due to Belgium's historical inflation, 1 million employees are expected to automatically receive a wage boost of 11.59% on January 1 2023, remarked HR services company SD Worx on Friday

Belgian political parties increasingly using parliamentary assistants to carry out their operations: Reports

Belgian political parties are increasingly using parliamentary assistants to carry out their own operations, despite their salaries being paid for by the Belgian State.

Belgian King Phillipe condemned ‘indescribable violence’ of Russian army in Ukraine

In a part of the planned visit of Belgian soldiers stationed in Pabrade, the eastern region of Lithuania, on Wednesday, the monarch of Belgium, King Phillipe, condemned the "indescribable violence" of the Russian military in Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak becomes 3rd Prime Minister of UK

Following the recent yet big change in the United Kingdom's politics, Rishi Sunak has been appointed as the new PM of the U.K.

Belgium granted temporary protection to over 60,000 Ukrainian refugees: Immigration office

The Immigration Office of Belgium has made an announcement that the Belgian State has granted up to 60,000 Ukrainian refugees temporary protection since Russian troops invaded their homeland, but their housing remains a persisting issue.

Amid Lithuania visit, Belgian King Philippe sent strong message of solidarity with Ukraine

King Philippe, sent a strong message of solidarity on Monday to countries east of the EU's borders, on the very first day of his State visit to Lithuania, stressing that such a message was more important than ever in the wake of events in Ukraine.

Belgian King Phillip, Queen Mathilde arrived in Lithuania for 3-day State Visit

The King of Belgium, Philippe, along with Queen Mathilde, arrived in Lithuania on Monday at the head of a high-level delegation for a 3-day State visit.

Belgium: Emergency number of 1722 activated; code yellow warning issued against thunderstorms

The emergency number "1722" has been temporarily activated, while a code yellow warning has also been issued in light of thunderstorms that will move across Belgium on Sunday.

Correctional court of Antwerp convicted 3 drivers for cocaine trafficking

The correctional court of Antwerp on Friday has convicted three drivers of container handlers or straddle carriers for their involvement in cocaine trafficking.

No children would be on streets tonight, says State Secty for Asylum & Migration de Moor

After Belgium has again and again failed to provide asylum seekers with shelter with unaccompanied minors sleeping rough for over a week, State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor has announced that no children would be on the streets tonight.

Belgium issues guidelines to assist victims of non-consensual distribution of sexual explicit content

Belgium has issued guidelines on how better to assist victims of non-consensual distribution of sexually explicit content and improve probe.

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Ukraine Embassy feels pride over Ukrainian soldiers participating in Largest Brussels Marathon

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium expressed gratitude and pleasure over the Ukrainian Military Veterans Yuri Tsintilevych, Yuri Kozlovsky and Roman Kashpur, who joined the largest Brussels 20 KM race in Belgium this year to showcase their strength and courage in confronting the Russian enemies.

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