The Belgium-based educator, author, speaker and SDG ambassador, Koen Timmers, shared his experience working with some of the best teachers across the world. He also shared his decision to build a school in a refugee camp and launch the Climate Action Project.

While highlighting these memories from the past, Koen Timmers extended his heartfelt joys. He also presented his new Book named Game Changer, in which he featured the work of all of those fantastic educators, how they got to work with Presidents and Royalty, how their work got to be featured on CNN & the BBC and how it even was turned into a documentary made by an award-winning director. 

He wrote about his experience and success story on How Jennifer and he created an NGO called TAG.

Further, Koen extended his pride and pleasure to present his Book, which points out how everyone can be a Game Changer, With a preface of Dr. Jane Goodall and Princess Esmeralda.

Reportedly, the Game Changer Book will soon be available in English and Dutch. Interested ones can buy the Book from his official website:

As per Author speaker Koen, the Book Includes words of support from President James Michel from Seychelles, Rick from NASA, David from LEGO, Baron Stijn, Matt from WWF, Andreas from OECD, Christina Kwauk, Hon. Caroline Gennez, Marc from Cartoon Network, author Roman Krznaric, actor TJ.

 The Book Game Changer also features some different characters including, Franco, Nhial, Santhi, Christian, Bhavna, Inês, Vladyslav, Kristine, Andrews, Monica, Michael, Armand, Kate, Karina, Miriam, Olivier, Silvana, Tatiana, Traci, Ian, Alex, Brian Copes, Iro, Emma, Ross, Benjamin, Ben, Jodi, Soheir, Marijke, Abhilasha, Sylvia, Michael, Kumi, Alain, David, Mauro, and so many more.

The Book revolves around the facts on how education, technology, and climate action can change the world.


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