The Embassy of Belgium in the United States of America celebrated a special anniversary. The honourable social secretary, Gwenda De Moor, has worked with the Embassy for 40 years. The Embassy recognized her contributions and congratulated her for completing 40 years with the Embassy.

As per the Belgium Embassy in the USA, Social Secretary Gwenda De Moor has been a pillar in the Belgian community since she started at the Embassy in Washington, DC, in 1983.


The Embassy urged people to join them in wishing her vast congratulations.

In addition, while extending their heartfelt congratulations, the Embassy remarked, “Dear Gwenda, on behalf of Ambassador Régibeau and the entire staff, we thank you for being such a wonderful colleague. We can’t imagine the Belgian Embassy without you.”

“You feel comfortable with ministers, congresspeople, musicians and caterers, school children, and war veterans. We are immensely grateful for the dedication and passion you have shown all these years,” the Embassy continued.

Further, the Belgium Embassy highlighted her qualities, adding that her professionalism, hard work and charisma have shaped their public diplomacy.

The Embassy also underscored that she has been bringing her incredible talent to hundreds (thousands?) of dinners, receptions and events by ensuring all their guests enjoy the perfect black-yellow-red welcome.

At last, while marking her contributions and achievements, the Embassy extended their heartfelt pleasure and thanked her for inspiring them daily. They also thanked her for her kindness, friendship, open mind, welcoming attitude, availability, endless enthusiasm, listening ear and … at least 40 other qualities.


The embassy job was supposed to be a stepping stone, but fate ruled differently in the largest diplomatic hub worldwide.

Gwenda started her career in the consular section and grew through the organization to the position of Social Secretary 20 years ago. She worked with at least 11 different Ambassadors and hundreds of diplomats.

Gwenda is always full of new ideas to promote Belgium in the USA.
May the journey be as rewarding and fulfilling as the last four decades.


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