Fiji: Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection Lyanda Tabuya opened the ‘Safe and Equal Online Spaces Symposium’ at the Grand Pacific Hotell today (Tuesday), September 12, 2023.

The Women, Children and Social Protection Minister Lyanda Tabuya welcomed the participants from key regional stakeholders and anticipated a knowledge-sharing platform to highlight the underlying issues of technology-facilitated gender-based violence.

In her opening address, she said, “Today we come together in response to a call for action, to better address ways to prevent and respond to technology-facilitated gender based-based violence”.

“Countries across the Pacific have some of the world’s highest rates of violence against women and girls, with 64 per cent of women in Fiji having experienced physical and sexual violence by a husband or intimate partner in their lifetime.”

“However, Fiji is making significant and Whole-of-Government efforts to improve gender equality, which is the root cause of violence against women and girls,” Minister Tabuya continued.

In highlighting the Government’s commitment, Minister Tabuya stated that “Fiji was the first Pacific nation and second globally to Australia to develop a National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against all Women and Girls. We also continue to improve legislation, policies, regulatory frameworks, and our delivery on regional commitments.”

Staff from the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection are also in attendance to connect with peers, potential collaborators, or mentors from across the region who can further create partnerships and opportunities to complement the work of the Ministry.

The Pacific Community (SPC) convenes the symposium through the Pacific Women Lead in partnership with Australia’s eSafety Commissioner and is supported by the Australian Government. The 3-day seminar will be held from the 12th – 14th of September 2023.
PC: Pacific-Community-SPC


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