Nadi, Fiji — In a heartfelt address, Mrs. Sulueti Rabuka addressed military wives with the theme of “Strong Women, Strong Families, Strong Communities” in the gathering, celebrating the remarkable role played by the army wives in the success and well-being of Fiji on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Mrs Rabuka underscored that this theme was not a mere collection of words but a profound reflection of the essence of Fiji’s society, emphasizing the indispensable role of women in shaping the nation’s destiny.


Recognizing the unique challenges, sacrifices, and responsibilities of being military wives, Mrs. Rabuka expressed deep gratitude for their unwavering support and dedication to the nation.

She highlighted that the strength of a nation is intricately tied to the strength of its women, families, and communities and that this strength encompasses not just physical prowess but also character, resilience, and determination.

“In the context of the military community, strength encompasses enduring separations from loved ones, supporting partners through challenging deployments, and maintaining households amidst the demands of a unique lifestyle. As the pillars of their families, military wives are a source of unwavering support during trying times, shoulder immense responsibilities, and embody collective strength through shared experiences.”

Mrs. Rabuka acknowledged the military wives as unsung heroes, the backbone of support, and the driving force behind their loved ones in service. Their strength is not only evident in their resilience but also in their ability to adapt to the challenges that military life presents.
Highlighting the importance of maintaining strong family bonds, Mrs Rabuka emphasized that strong families are the bedrock of a strong nation. Military wives provide their children a safe and nurturing environment, fostering growth and development despite adversity.

“In their communities, military wives play a vital role in promoting understanding and unity among diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are integral members of the broader military community, forming support networks within neighbourhoods, schools, and local organizations, ensuring no one feels alone or left behind.”

Mrs Rabuka said that Fiji’s strength lies in its people, and military wives are an essential part of that strength.


Before concluding her address, Mrs Rabuka highlighted two essential values—confidentiality and balance.

She commended military wives for maintaining confidentiality regarding sensitive information related to their spouses’ work, emphasizing its crucial role in ensuring the nation’s safety and security.
Additionally, she praised the dedication of military wives who manage demanding careers alongside their family responsibilities, finding a delicate balance between their roles.

Mrs Rabuka concluded her speech with profound gratitude for military wives’ sacrifices, strength, and unwavering support. She thanked them for their continuous efforts in supporting military children, visiting hospitals, organizing events, and creating a solid foundation for Fiji’s future.

In her final words, Mrs Rabuka expressed her hope that Fiji would continue to thrive, thanks to the strength and resilience of its women, families, and communities.