Save the Children Deutschland, this time, came forward to honour and celebrate the Testament Day Yesterday on Wednesday, September 14, 2023. They also showed people about writing a will to them and support their organisation

Save the Children Deutschland is a German-based non-profit Organisation that protects children’s rights. Save the Children is the world’s largest organisation, which works to serve and support the lives of children. It aims to make children live a happy and healthy life and grow independently and individually.


As per Save the Children Deutschland Organisation, With a will, one can determine what happens to their wealth after their life and how their estate will be distributed. This would leave a legally safe & binding document for the people and their survivors.

For a chance, if people don’t have their survivor, then the legal succession comes into effect.

The Legal Succession is a regulation from the Civil Code, which considers the degree of kinship of the deceased, first the spouse* and the children (or grandchildren), then parents or siblings. But this also means that persons from your environment, such as friends or unmarried partners, are not part of the legal succession.

This mainly means that with a will, one can determine what happens to their estate according to their wishes and ideas. One can count not only their loved ones but also non-profits like Save the Children, which can, in turn, use this estate for needy children. The people’s last will can be a beginning – for children worldwide.

Further, the Save the Children Deutschland shared instead, if someone wanted more information on the subject of will and bequeathed donations, then they can feel free to order their free will guide and find out more about it at:…/foerdern…/testament/