READ HERE: 8 Essential lessons from “Master Your Success” by Thibaut Meurisse

Master Your Success is a famous book by well-known French Author Thibaut Meurisse. The Book provides people with valuable insights and practical strategies. Through this Book, one can quickly achieve success success in their personal and professional lives. 

KNOW HERE: Practical tips for shaping one’s environment to support one’s goals by Author Benjamin Hardy

Florida: Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success. Author Benjamin Hardy argues that willpower is not enough to achieve lasting change. Instead, he proposes that people shape their environment to support their goals.

KNOW HERE: Unique Facts from Paul Kalanithi’s memoir ” Breath Becomes Air”

USA: When Breath Becomes Air is a book by Paul Kalanithi, an American neurosurgeon and neuroscientist who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 36. The book was published posthumously in 2016 after Kalanithi died in 2015.

KNOW HERE: 10 key lessons from book ‘The Entrepreneur Mind’ by Kevin D. Johnson

"The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs" by Kevin D. Johnson offers valuable insights into the mindset and behaviours of successful entrepreneurs.

READ HERE: 10 lessons from the book ”BRAIN RULES” by American author John Medina

John Medina is a developmental molecular American biologist and author best known for his book "Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School."John Medina is a developmental molecular American biologist and author best known for his book "Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School."

KNOW HERE: Interesting facts about “Mrs. Dalloway” is a novel by Virginia Woolf

"Mrs. Dalloway" is a novel by Virginia Woolf, published in 1925. The story takes place over the course of a single day in June, primarily in London, and follows the life of Clarissa Dalloway, a high-society woman who is preparing for a party she will host that evening.

Belgium-based author Koen Timmers presents his new book, “Game Changer”

The Belgium-based educator, author, speaker and SDG ambassador, Koen Timmers, shared his experience working with some of the best teachers across the world. He also shared his decision to build a school in a refugee camp and launch the Climate Action Project.

Proud UK-based Author got first final Version of her book at Europe’s biggest Bookstores, shares story

The United Kingdom-based Author and Motivational Speaker Simone Heng felt extremely pleased and excited when she got to the Final Version of her book at one of Europe's biggest Bookstores yesterday, Saturday, June 1, 2023.

Famous Poem “If”, written by poet Rudyard Kipling highlights most essential aspects of human life

The famous poem "If" was written by the renowned poet Rudyard Kipling, first published in 1910 as part of his collection called "Rewards and Fairies." The poem offers a set of inspirational guidelines for living a noble and honourable life, emphasizing the virtues of patience, perseverance, self-confidence, and integrity.

Daniel Goleman shares some crucial lessons in his book Emotional Intelligence; Why It can matter more than IQ

The Emotional Intelligence; Why It can matter more than IQ by famous American Author Daniel Goleman is a 1995 book based on the importance of Emotional Intelligence as IQ for success, including in academic, professional, social, and interpersonal aspects of one's life. Goleman mentioned that emotional intelligence is a skill that can be taught and cultivated and outlined methods for incorporating emotional skills training into the school curriculum. Daniel Goleman explained some of the critical lessons of Emotional Intelligence that one should apply in his book.

READ HERE: 10 Lessons from book “How to Grow Your Small Business” by Donald Miller

US: The Wall Street Journal is a Bestseller named "How to run your small business" by the famous American Author, Public Speaker, and entrepreneur Donald Mill. It is a journal for many entrepreneurs; running a small business looked different than they imagined. They’re stressed, discouraged, and not confident in their plan for growth.

READ HERE: Spiritual Thoughts in “A Million Thoughts” by Indian author Om Swami

A Million Thoughts is a beautiful book that sincerely guides those who wish to walk the path of spirituality. It is written for anyone of any age group to understand and follow. The book "A Million Thoughts" is written by the Indian Spiritual leader and best-selling author Om Swami.

Robin Sharma shares some top lessons in his book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”

"The Monk who sold his Ferrari" is a self-helping book written by the Canadian Author and motivational speaker Robin Sharma. The writer Robin Sharma from his book wrote this well-known book from his past experiences after leaving his life as a litigation lawyer in Canada. Robin Sharma shared some of his book's top lessons about the things one should impose in his life.

UK: Author Shaa Wasmund teaches some crucial lessons of life in her book ‘Do Less Get More’

The famous book 'Do Less Get More, ' written by the UK's top entrepreneur and Business revolutionary, Shaa Wasmund, taught us about some of the most important lessons of life that one should adopt in his life.

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IOC Approves Russian and Belarusian Athletes for Paris Olympics Under Neutral Status

Notably, tennis, swimming, and judo were not included in this initial assessment. The IOC panel's evaluation focused on ensuring that the athletes had not expressed support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine or had affiliations with military or state security services

Ferrari Triumphs Again at Le Mans 24 Hours Amidst Rain, Drama, and Endurance

Navigating through treacherous conditions and intense competition, Nicklas Nielsen, Antonio Fuoco, and Miguel Molina piloted the No 50 Ferrari to the chequered flag, overcoming a grueling 24-hour challenge that tested both man and machine

France Gears Up for Intense Campaign as Mbappé Urges Younger Generation to Vote

France braces for a crucial two weeks of campaigning after President Macron's unexpected call for snap parliamentary elections. This decision follows significant far-right gains in the European Parliament elections, prompting Macron to prematurely dissolve the Assemblée Nationale

Roberto De Zerbi Nears Managerial Role at Olympique de Marseille: A Strategic Game-Changer for French Football

The club is reportedly finalizing terms with former Brighton and Hove Albion manager Roberto De Zerbi, marking a significant step forward in their quest for footballing excellence

Paris to Trial Flying Cabs During 2024 Olympics

VTOL aircraft will operate from a vertiport on a barge near Gare d'Austerlitz in Paris's 13th arrondissement. Positioned at the Cité du Design et de la Mode, this hub will be the central station for flying cabs during the Olympic Games