The United Kingdom-based Author and Motivational Speaker Simone Heng felt extremely pleased and excited when she got to the Final Version of her book at one of Europe’s biggest Bookstores yesterday, Saturday, June 1, 2023.

While expressing her pleasure, the Author Simone Heng recently took to her official social media handle to share her written story behind the book “Let’s Talk About Loneliness.”


As when she finally came across her book, Author Simone Heng was deeply moved and cried too. Simone Heng shared that it’s not just her that comes with this book; it’s the legacy she carries with it.

While Continuing to feel pride, she shared some facts about her mother. She added, “Do you think my mother, whose literature degree from a Welsh university was rejected by the Australian education system (She was not able to teach there. Instead, she ended up working alongside my Dad in the shop), ever thought that her daughter would one day write her story and be in the biggest book shop in the UK let alone all of Europe?”

Further, while talking about her father, she said, “Do you think my father, who was pinned behind a counter seven days a week selling stationary and magazines in the Perth suburbs, could imagine one day space would even be made on the shelf of another store, let alone the largest bookstore in Europe for his daughter’s words? So jetlagged yesterday; it all felt like a dream.”

Furthermore, The United Kingdom-based Author Simone Heng continued to express her pride and emotions. She interrogated How miraculous the journey of the children of immigrants is to transmute the experiences of our parents.

At last, while carrying the precious memories of her heavenly Parents, Simone Heng felt emotional and shared that she carried them with her all the way to London. She was also pretty sure her Dad was behind her the whole time, wearing his Angel wings.




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