“The Monk who sold his Ferrari” is a self-helping book written by the Canadian Author and motivational speaker Robin Sharma. The writer Robin Sharma from his book wrote this well-known book from his past experiences after leaving his life as a litigation lawyer in Canada. Robin Sharma shared some of his book’s top lessons about the things one should impose in his life.

The Top Lessons from the Book ” The Monk who sold his Ferrari” are as follows:


1. RESPECT YOUR TIME: The only way to experience more is to push yourself to do more. Because only 20% of our time is dedicated to day-to-day activities, it yields lasting results that could influence the quality of your life. One must have the courage to say “no”, “never”, etc.

Start small. By showing how much we value our time, others will learn to recognize it and, as a consequence, respect us for it.

2. FIND OUT THE PURPOSE OF LIFE: Imagine discovering a map that leads you directly to a treasure chest. That’s how exciting it would be to discover your life’s purpose. So here are action steps from the Sages of Sivana to ensure your goal is as attainable as you believe it to be:

3. DO THE THINGS YOU FEAR MOST: Do the things you fear because you’re building the foundation of success and leadership within yourself. Leading yourself first gives others the confidence that you can teach them too. The lesson from the monk is that success on the outside begins within. When you identify the things holding you back, you should face them. So act with integrity and be guided by your heart.

4. ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS OF LIFE: We don’t need too many material possessions to enjoy life. The book talks about Julian Mantle, a successful lawyer by profession. He sold his material possessions when he found he could enjoy life by meditating about many of the little things in life himself, such as a spider’s web and flowers. To achieve success, we don’t care about the little things that provide us happiness. People focus on significant achievements, not small ones. If a person can’t enjoy little things, he will also not enjoy when he achieves the big ones.

5. LIVE WITH DISCIPLINE: We’re all the more tempted and distracted today by the noises our devices make and the people we interact with daily. It takes courage to nurture self-discipline because it’s not easy. But once you give yourself the power to be more than your environment, you’ll ultimately win and unshackle yourself from a mental prison.


6. CULTIVATE YOUR MIND: The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts. Ironically, our mind can only hold one idea at a time under these grand laws of nature. By making negative thoughts your focus, you’ll embody them or, worst, manifest them. This mentality will only hinder your personal growth. Mastering your mind means seeing setbacks as opportunities. By envisioning your dreams, you give your mind the power to cultivate them and make them a reality. So occupy your mind with uplifting thoughts.



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