The famous book ‘Do Less Get More, ‘ written by the UK’s top entrepreneur and Business revolutionary, Shaa Wasmund, taught us about some of the most important lessons of life that one should adopt in his life.

The book “Do Less Get More” by UK’s top entrepreneur and Business revolutionary, Shaa Wasmund, reveals that when we embrace a “less is more” attitude, we can appreciate all the good things we already have and find the courage to prune the nonessentials. And then we can see the space to pursue exciting new opportunities. Wasmund teaches us how to become experts in the things we are genuinely passionate about rather than mediocre jacks of all trades. Through this book, Shaa Wasmund teaches some significant lessons from her life.


The ten lessons from the book “Do Less Get More” by author Shaa Wasmund are as follows:

1. Remind yourself of what gets you up in the morning. Do less of everything else and more of that.
2. You can do anything but only do some things. At least not at the same time.
3. When you do fewer things that drain your energy, you become open to more exciting opportunities.
4. know that you can’t get everything right, but every day is an opportunity to learn something new and improve at something that matters to you.
5. Life isn’t a rehearsal, so don’t hide your dreams under the bed.
6. Action means putting yourself out there at the risk of rejection, but if you try your best, there is no such thing as a personal failure.
7. Happiness isn’t a consequence of a successful life; success is the Consequence of living a happy life.
8. It might be self-serving to do what you enjoy, but it isn’t selfish.
9. Trying to control everyone and everything around us is impossible and exhausting and will cause you unnecessary pain.
10. I’ve found that when I focus on managing my energy instead of managing my time, I have enough time for the things that matter to me.