Dominican Politician and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit met secondary school principals to discuss a proposed review of the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning in the schools of Dominica.

Dominican Politician and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who has been serving in Dominica since 2004, took to his social media recently and shared about the meeting of Secondary School Principals to discuss the proposed review of the curriculum in schools to enhance teaching and learning in their schools.


Prime Minister Skerrit shared that the meeting followed the recently held Crime and Violence Symposium in Trinidad. The Prime Minister stressed the need to reform the region’s education systems to promote a greater focus on the well-being and holistic development of the children of Dominica. Along with that, he also shared some glimpses from the meeting.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need for an efficient education system for students to transform their lives and make them aware of fighting against any injustice and crime they face.

According to Prime Minister Skerrit, Education is the moral right of every student, and with a proper and efficient education system, he can achieve anything in life.

In a meeting, the prime minister also stated that the narrow focus of the present education system could lead to neglect of essential life skills, emotional intelligence, and social development. He also expressed his thoughts that improving the education system can lead to the round development of a person, including his personal and professional life too, and would present a more remarkable and positive contribution in their lives.

At last, Prime Minister Skerrit also shared about developing various approaches and structures in the education system for the students of Dominica. He stated, “I look forward to further engagement on the matter as we develop new, relevant structures and approaches to “Educate and Prepare all Students to Live Productive Lives in a Complex and Changing Society,” as stated in the Mission of the Ministry of Education.”


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