Risca Branch, the Royal British Legion mourns over death of Ira John Ivin

UK: The Nonprofit Organisation Risca Branch, The Royal British Legion, mourned the death of Ira John Ivin, who died on October 20, 1917. He was born in Pontymister in 1887 to Richard and Elizabeth Ivin. The Organisation recalled his life and shared specific facts.

American Museum of Natural History celebrates Shark Awareness Day on Friday

The Natural Human Museum called the American Museum of Natural History in New York City celebrated Shark Awareness Day Yesterday, Friday, July 14, 2023, and shared some exciting facts about this most versatile sea creature, Shark.

Japanese Rock Band Tricot is returning to UK in November 2023, shares schedule

Japanese Rock Band from Kyota, Tricot Japanese Band, announced a tour of the United Kingdom in November 2023. This is the UK leg of Tricot’s Zang-Neng Tour, which commenced in Japan in January and February to mark the release of the band’s latest album, ‘Fudeki’.

Embassy of Finland in Bucharest celebrates LGBTQ+ community in Pride Month of June

Bucharest, Romania: The Embassy of Finland in Bucharest celebrated the month of June as a month of pride for them. They celebrated the Vibrant LGBTQ+ community worldwide to commemorate the ongoing struggle for human rights and to review their commitment to the inclusion, participation and protection of all people irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

St Kitts & Nevis: PM Dr Terrance Drew addresses Crime and Violence as Public Health issues

Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis: Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Commissions National Security Taskforce Dr Terrance Drew, to maintain and ensure the Sustainable National Development of the citizens, addressed the issues of Crime and Violence as Public Health issues on Monday, June 5, 2023.

East Africa: Butter as a Styling Secret, Ethiopian Tribes’ Intricate Hair Creations

East Africa: The Ethiopian tribes of the Afar, Bofana, Hamer, and Karrayyu have a unique tradition of styling their hair—they use butter as an integral part of their haircare routine. The Afar tribe, known for their distinctive 'asdago' afro styles and elaborately curled 'dayta' hairdos, cover their locks in butter, giving them a slightly ashy appearance while offering protection from the sun and keeping their hair supple.

KNOW HERE: Unique Facts about Intore Dance of Rwanda, East Africa

The Intore Dancers, renowned for their remarkable technique, have enormously impacted the Regional traditions and have efficiently showcased their exceptional abilities by leaping over 2.40 meters. Their fame as dancers spread worldwide when they performed at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels. Today, Intore dancers have remained an integral and exceptional part of Rwanda's rich traditions.

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit supports Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament Cricketers

Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit expressed his pleasure and pride in supporting the Dream 11 Nature Isle T10 Tournament that took place on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and urged people to support the cricketers for their exciting short-term tournament, which will run in Dominica till Thursday, June 8, 2023.

J&K: Special translators from KU and other colleges to benefit at G20 summit 2023

Srinagar, J&K: The special translators from the University of Kashmir and other various colleges of Jammu and Kashmir will go to benefit the delegates of the foreign countries to ensure the proper and effective communication to take place at the G20 summit 2023 held at Sher-i Kashmir International Conference Center or SKINCC Srinagar, J&K.

US-based returns to Nigeria to propose, founds her girlfriend Pregnant for Ex

A US-based Man returned to Nigeria from the United Kingdom after spending time there and found her girlfriend pregnant for her ex-lover.

READ HERE: Most famous romance tale of Sassi Pannu in Punjab, India

Punjab is the most popular and well-known state in Northern India, the holiest and most cultural state which has played a most significant role in the history of India. It is also the land of love, where many great stories of pure and devoted love have evolved.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit meets Secondary School Principals to discuss education system of Dominica

Dominican Politician and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit met secondary school principals to discuss a proposed review of the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning in the schools of Dominica.

UK: Author Shaa Wasmund teaches some crucial lessons of life in her book ‘Do Less Get More’

The famous book 'Do Less Get More, ' written by the UK's top entrepreneur and Business revolutionary, Shaa Wasmund, taught us about some of the most important lessons of life that one should adopt in his life.

Church of Umm Al-Znar, world’s oldest Church in Syria

The Church of Umm Al-Znar is one of the oldest churches in the world. Its official name is the Cathedral of Our Lady Umm Al-Zannar it is located in the Governorate of Homs in the Hamidiyah region of Syria. It is a rich historic, first-century church and is named because of the presence of the Virgin Mary's robe preserved there.

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French-Chinese SVOM Satellite Launches to Unravel Cosmic Mysteries of Gamma-Ray Bursts

The French-Chinese SVOM satellite launch signifies a pivotal moment in global space collaboration, poised to enhance our grasp of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). These bursts, born from colossal stellar explosions or compact star mergers, emit energy flashes exceeding the brightness of any known stars

France Stifled Without Mbappe: Draws Blank Against Netherlands in Euro 2024 Clash

His absence proved telling as Les Bleus struggled to find the net, settling for a goalless draw that highlighted their dependency on the 25-year-old's dynamic presence. France, a squad brimming with talent across all lines, found themselves lacking the cutting edge that Mbappe typically injects into their play

Paris’ Seine River Fails Water Quality Tests, Jeopardizing Olympic Swimming Events

Marc Guillaume, the prefect of the Paris region, confirmed the disheartening results. "Samples from the Seine do not meet the standards we will have this summer," he stated, highlighting the ongoing concerns regarding water quality as the Games approach, scheduled from July 26 to August 11

French Swimmer’s Olympic Celebration Turns Painful After Shoulder Injury

Medical personnel promptly treated Fente-Damers on-site before transferring him to a nearby hospital for further assessment. Details regarding the exact nature and severity of his shoulder injury remain undisclosed, prompting concern and anticipation for updates on his condition

Kylian Mbappé Set to Wear Mask, Likely to Play Against Netherlands

Speaking to reporters before Friday's crucial match, Deschamps expressed confidence in Mbappé's progress. "Everything is going well after the shock we had. He was able to take part in some light exercises yesterday, and that will be the same this evening