US: A mother with a baby handed a plane bag containing candy, gum and earplugs to more than 200 passengers on a 10-hour flight from South Korea to the United States. The lady gave those pouches as an apology in advance if her four months baby screamed during the flight.

The US-travel-based Facebook handle, Whisky of Tour, took to their official account and shared an experience from their recent 10-hour trip from South Korea to the United Kingdom.


The US-based-travel Facebook handle, Whisky of Tour, shared their very unusual experience recently on their 10-hour long trip from South Korea to the United States, about the kindness of mother passenger who was holding a four months baby in her hands, the mother of the baby gave a pack of plane pouches to around more than 200 people during boarding containing a Candy, gum and earplugs as an advance apology in case her 4-months old baby screamed during the flight.

The bag also contains a message that reads: “Hi, I’m Jun Woo. I’m four months old, and today I’m travelling to the US with my mom and grandmother. I’m nervous and a little scared. This is my first trip. It’s normal for me to cry or make some noise. I’ll try to stay calm.” But I can’t promise. Please use earplugs if my voice is too loud. Enjoy your trip. Thank you.”

Upon receiving those pouches too, the passengers on boarding, it was something which was something very unusual and out of the box; by giving those small plane pouches to the passengers, the lady showed her kindness and understanding towards other passengers, not making other passengers’ journey ruin; the admin shared that it was such a great pleasure to get to know into her deep sense of mind and understanding and kindness towards others journey and made it a peaceful one.


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