Belgium: Nigerian Politician, entrepreneur, Businessman and Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah recently visited Antwerp to attend the Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival on Sunday, September 3, 2023. He also shared some details about his visit.

Reportedly, Earlier on Sunday in Antwerp City, Belgium, Nigerian Politician and Senator Patrick Ifeanyi attended the 2023 edition of the Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival organized under the supervision of the Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium, Obinna C. Onowu. The Nigerian Arts and Culture Festival was a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.


This Festival provided a platform for Nigerian artists to showcase their talent and for the audience to experience the beauty and diversity of Nigerian arts. The event was a testament to the strong cultural ties between Nigeria and Belgium and highlighted the importance of fostering international relationships.

Senator Patrick Ifeanyi attended the event with his Senior Special Assistant on Corporate Contacts; Ifeanyi Nwankwo, his Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties; Mcgoshen Onwunzo, Special Adviser on Domestic Affairs; Chief Ernest Otugo and his wife Felicity Otugo as well as his Personal Assistant; Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu.

He also had the opportunity to experience the vibrant Nigerian culture through various art forms, performances, and exhibitions.

As per Senator Ifeanyi, the Nigerian Music and Arts Festival showcased various Nigerian arts, including traditional music, dance, fashion, visual arts, and literature. The performances were captivating and showcased the diversity and talent of Nigerian artists. From the rhythmic beats of traditional drums to the energetic dance moves, the cultural display enthralled the audience. Seeing the different interpretations of Nigerian culture and history through these artworks was fascinating.

In addition to the performances and exhibitions, Senator Ifeanyi shared that there were literary sessions where Nigerian authors and poets shared their works. It was an excellent opportunity to listen to their stories and gain insights into Nigerian literature and storytelling traditions.

Further, Senator Ifeanyi extended his pleasure and gratitude to attend the event. “I will always remain grateful to the Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium, H.E Obinna C. Onowu, for inviting me to the colourful event,” he added.


Furthermore, While highlighting their Nigerian culture, Senator Ifeanyi added, “Our Culture is our heritage, and we shall always engage in quality partnerships that will strengthen it.” He thanked the Nigerian community in Belgium for honouring him with a warm reception. “Together, we shall project our norms and values to the world,” he remarked.



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