For the first time, the Fiji Government, through the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection, will be allocating $10,000 worth of assistance through the NGO Grants Programme to WOWS Kids Fiji to help them continue their valuable work.

The Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection – Lynda Tabuya, officiated the WOWS Kids Fiji launch of the ‘International Childhood Cancer Month’ at the Api Tonga Church yesterday morning (Wednesday), September 6, 2023, and gave this reassurance.


In her opening address, she conveyed her appreciation to WOWS Kids Fiji and commended the board and the team members for the tremendous work they do year in and year out.

“Today, we gather here not only to launch this event but also to reflect upon the significance of this month and the broader themes it represents. This global awareness held every September is an opportunity to raise awareness about childhood cancer patients and their families,” stated Minister Tabuya.

Parents and guardians of young cancer patients were commended for their vital role in providing emotional support and comfort to children, together with fostering a positive and supportive home environment.

Various medical professionals who have played a vital part in caring for children living with cancer were also present at the event.
“Your compassion shines brightly in the often-difficult moments you share with young patients and their families. Your dedication to staying at the forefront of medical knowledge ensures the children living with cancer receive the best possible care,” stated Minister Tabuya.

Whilst issuing a heartfelt challenge, the Minister shared that “assisting our most vulnerable requires our collective dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment. It’s a challenge that transcends boundaries, politics, and differences”.

The Board Chair and Co-Founder, Sina Kami, thanked the Ministry for the timely assistance and all the sponsors who have played a big part in helping WOWS Kids Fiji continue assisting parents and children diagnosed with cancer.


Parents and guardians of children living with cancer and Medical Professionals present at the launch were presented with certificates and gift hampers to acknowledge all their efforts in ensuring that each child is afforded the best care at home and at the hospital.



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