Brussels, Belgium: Business coach Lilybeth T Roque shared her inspirational story of becoming a professional Business Coach through her official Facebook handle today (Wednesday), October 18, 2023. She achieved several milestones and pursued well in her Online Business, too.

Her Journey started when she came to Belgium for a family visit and to find the answer to her personal discernment. Then Lilybeth decided to stay for good to be with her family instead of returning to the Philippines.


She needed to earn her own money to travel to neighbouring countries as she processed some personal issues.

Recognizing those days, she shared, “The only option I had was to work in housekeeping, I didn’t mind as long as I worked legally. My routine was work and home.”

Since then, she has lost the little confidence she gained while working as an admin assistant in one of the exclusive schools in Manila.

Lilybeth met her husband, a Philippines Marines soldier, and together, they decided to build their family here in Belgium. They were blessed with two kids.

She also shared that As an immigrant, their life wasn’t easy.

“We needed to work extra hard to make both ends meet. We worked different shifts, and our financial obligations, mortgage, bills, etc. compromised our family quality time.”Lilybeth added while sharing her story.


She realized their kids deserve more of their time than anyone else.
“Until God led me to an opportunity, a family-oriented digital business where I can earn and simultaneously be with my kids,” she expressed.

Further, she shared that she was eager to change and took advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, she saw the enormous potential for her family’s financial stability for her personal growth.

“When I started this business, I had no business background, low self-esteem, and was full of negativity. I came from an IT profession but had no experience working online, even being active with social media,” Lilybeth shared.

With the help of their business community, especially her mentor and coach, she shared she was able to push herself to go beyond her comfort zone, leading her to achieve several milestones. She has been working part-time in her regular job while building and growing her online business.

Furthermore, Lilybeth, while concluding her story, urged people to take her story as inspiration; she said, “If you want MORE in life, take my story as your inspiration and dive into the online business world. I am ready to help you get started. By the way, this opportunity needs effort rather than an overnight success.”

“Thank you for your time, and God bless,” she added.


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