Today, in the capital of Belgium, at The Roi Baudouin stadium, the Diamond League athletics competition was held. Special pride for us was the participation of Ukrainian athletes-yaroslav magučih, Marina beh-Romanchuk, Irina Gerashchenko, Victoria Tkachuk and Marina kovtunovoí̈.

Athlete Yaroslava mahuchikh včergove Triumphuvala won gold in the high jump. Ukrainian became the only legoatletkoû that took a height of 2.00 m.


The Ukrainian Embassy in Belgium congratulated Yaroslavu for the victory and coach Tatiana Stepanova for the successful performance of athletes at prestigious competitions.

Ukrainian Marina Beh-Romanchuk became the silver medalist of the Diamond League in the triple jump. Congratulations to Marina and her coach on this result.

The Ukrainian Embassy thanked their athletes who proudly represent Ukraine internationally, glorify the country and draw attention to the ongoing Russian aggression.

The Ukrainian Embassy also sincerely wished for new victories in the name of Ukraine. The Russian and Belarusian teams were traditionally not allowed to compete. These countries will experience increased international isolation, including in sports.

The Embassy further also thanked the organizers of the competition for solidarity with Ukraine in the time of fighting a cruel enemy.

“We urge all international federations and the International Olympic Committee not to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete, including in neutral status! Don’t support the enemy and his propaganda! Stand on the side of truth and justice! Stand by Ukraine,” it added.


The Embassy also thanked sportswomen who proudly represent Ukraine internationally, glorify their country, draw attention to the ongoing Russian aggression, and sincerely wish for new victories in Ukraine’s name.

Reportedly, Teams from the Russian Federation and Belarus were traditionally banned from participation in the competition. These countries are experiencing increasing international isolation, including in sports.




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