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The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported that the Blue Jays and the Twins have reached an agreement to send right-hander Jose Berrios to Toronto. Jon Morothy of reported that top pitcher prospect Simon Woods Richardson is part of the comeback. According to Dan Hayes of The Athletic, infielder Austin Martin was the fifth overall pick in the draft last summer, and he will also travel to Minnesota.

Jeffrey Becker-USA Today Sports Berrios, 27 years old, makes the Blue Jays the second-best pitcher on the trading market this summer, second only to Max Scherzer, who is expected to join the Dodgers later today. Unlike Scherzer, he is controllable after the 2021 season because he is only in his second refereeing season. Berrios’ income in 2021 is $61,000. Before becoming a free agent at the end of the 2022 season, he will make another referee raise this winter. Berrios will join Hyun Jin Ryu and the league’s top revival Robbie. Toronto’s rotation, this understands what it looks like now. A powerful trio. He is in one of his best seasons, with a pitching rate of 3.48, a career-high 25.7% self-report rate, an excellent 6.5% walking rate, and a 43.6% shooting percentage, which is the best in his career.

He released these data in 20 starts, throwing a total of 121 1/3 frames, which is one of the declines in the number of pitchers in today’s games, with an average of more than 6 frames per game. Of course, Berríos is not just durable in games. Every game. Throughout his career, he has been one of the longest-running starting pitchers in the entire game. He has never appeared on the major league disabled list and is currently on his full starting list for the fourth consecutive season. He played 26 times in 2017. He was sent to minors last season. Since then, he has had 32 starts, 32 starts, 12 starts (the entire workload of last year’s 60 seasons), and 20 stars from 2020 to the present. . During that time, his self-report rate never exceeded 4.00, his total score was 3.76, the strikeout rate was 24.2%, and the pass rate was 7.2%. Berrios may not be a Celeron ace, nor the best in the rotation, but he is as stable and durable as the second/third starter.

The Blue Jays paid a high price to achieve this consistency for a year and a half. Martin, the fifth overall pick last year, is regarded by many in the industry as the best all-around player in the draft. It was a reasonable surprise when he slipped past the second pick and fell to the Blue Jays at the fifth pick. He is currently ranked 16th in games, 21st in baseball USA, and 23rd on FanGraphs. Martin played at Vanderbilt University during his college years and reached 0.368 / .474 / .532 during his college career. The Blue Jays let him go straight into Double-A to start 2021. This is his first professional season, and he doesn’t seem to miss a beat. In 250 games, Martin won a pair of home runs, 10 doubles, 2 third bases, and 9 stolen bases with a score of 0.281 / .424 / .383. He is advancing at a strong pace of 14.8% and the strikeout rate is 21.2%. According to wRC+ measurements, in a double-A environment where the pitchers are very friendly, the line is 32% higher than the league average. Martin’s main problem is just where he will play. In this season’s Double-A, he divided his time evenly between shortstop and midfielder. In the draft, some scouts questioned whether he could remain a shortstop on the professional ball, but the Blue Jays have been giving him this opportunity.

However, even if the shortstop is not his best home for the diamonds, most scout reports on the 22-year-old Martin agree that his athleticism will translate into third base, midfield, or second base. The general expectation surrounding Martin is that no matter where he sits in the diamond, he will become an above-average regular player. Woods Richardson had a tougher season as Martin’s double-A teammate, but he was only 20 years old, nearly 5 years younger than the average age of his competitors at his level. He entered this season and is widely regarded as one of the top 100 rookies. Although he disappeared from the baseball American roster after the draft, he still ranks 49th on FanGraphs and 68th on

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Blue Jays Have Announced the Trade and Acquisition of Jose Berrios