A boat filled with migrants was capsized off the coast of Tarfaya in southern Morocco, which has left around forty-three people killed, including three infants.

As per the reports of the Spanish Organisation Caminando Fronteras at around ten people were rescued from the shipwreck. The organization have informed about the incident and confirmed the killings of forty-three migrants.


The migrants who called in the early hours of Sunday morning to the organization and pleaded for their rescue. The survivors were hardly maintained to connect with the organization for only two hours.

” The Moroccan authorities have taken a lot of time to locate the bost and save the passenger on-brad the boat, Caminanado Fronteras asserted while tracking the data from the boat, which was in distress situation.

As per the data of the organization, till now, only two dead bodies have been recovered by the rescue team out of the 43 fatalities; the toll is taken by the organization with the details given by the survivor’s families and the victim’s relatives.

The migrants were going to the Spanish Canary Islands, which is 100 kilometres (62 miles) away from Tarfaya.

The North African country is known for the routed, which is a key transit point. The routers are so significant preferred to opted by the migrant who hoped for better lives on the shores of the European Union.

Further, Caminanado Frontera informed that earlier last year, more than 4,000 migrants have died or disappeared as they were attempting to make their way to Spain. Moreover, the bodies of the majority of people on the board were never found, and the rescue teams were totally unable to locate them.


The same incident has also occurred in 2020, and people were also killed in the incident.

The interior ministry of Spanish also informed that in 2021 around 373,000 migrants had arrived in Spain by sea.





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