Fire has resulted in causing heavy damage to Molengeek, a “tech ecosystem”, “business incubator”, “coding school”, and “digital marketing lab” in Molenbeek, Brussels. The centre was recently visited by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google, Sundar Pichai, and provides training in cybersecurity alongside tech giant Microsoft to Brussels youth.
In a post on Twitter by the CEO and founder of Molengeek, Ibrahim Oussari, flames can be seen at the front of the building, with significant damage having been caused to the facade and lower levels of the building.
As per Ouassari, nobody was injured as a result of the fire. The CEO said that the fire was caused because of an attack against the property of homeless people nearby.
He added, “People set fire to mattresses used by undocumented people who slept on our porch to shelter from the rain. In short, nothing is right about the story.
On Twitter, Oussari indicated that the suspects of the arson had still not been found by the police. The full extent of the damage to the building is not yet known.
The centre had been set to host several classes on Monday, including trainings on how to use photoshop, HTML, and WordPress. Molengeek is scheduled to further extend its services during the winter, setting up a new tech incubator in Casablanca, Morocco.


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