Two men have tried to steal the bag of Jean-Claude Marcourt, president of the Walloon Parliament in Liege, on Friday evening. The information has been shared by the Liege public prosecutor’s office. One suspect has been seriously wounded while trying to escape the scene of the crime.
The two thieves have reportedly approached the vehicle of the Liege socialist politician, in which Marcourt’s driver was sitting. While one thief distracted the driver, another grabbed the politician’s bag from the back seat. The bag contained a laptop and tablet computer, as well as the keys to Marcourt’s home and a key fob for the gates to his property.
Police were able to locate the perpetrators using a GPS chip located in the bag. The police knocked on the door of a property in Liege, but heard no answer. Officers later heard noises coming from inside and smashed down the door, at which point three suspects attempted to flee.
One of the suspects fled through a window, seriously injuring himself. The suspect is now in a life-threatening condition. The other two suspects, one of whom was staying in Belgium illegally, were arrested. Some of the contents of the bag were recovered, along with other items stolen from members of the public.


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