Brussels police have nabbed two men who wanted to steal smartphones from people in bars on Wednesday night after they were caught and tried to flee, even hurling a glass bottle toward the officers in the process.
On Wednesday evening, police saw two individuals acting suspiciously near the Impasse de la Fidelite in the heart of Brussels. It soon became clear to authorities that they were waiting for the nearby bars to close to rob the bargoers.
Officers on the scene apparently saw them make the first move to rob a young man by play-fighting with him and hoisting him up while taking his smartphone out of his pocket.
The victim quickly realised what was happening but was shoved by one of the perpetrators before he could respond.
Inspectors from the anti-robbery brigade rushed in and attempted to arrest the suspects, who retaliated by throwing a glass bottle towards them.
While one of the inspectors was reportedly injured by broken glass pieces, both assailants were arrested following a brief foot pursuit.
The victim’s stolen smartphone was returned, although it had been damaged during the chase.
The two accused must now appear in court for the incident.


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