The Deputy Minister of Culture, Viktor Stoyanov, extended his heartfelt pleasure to congratulate the organizers and guests of the Dr Emil Iliev International Jazz Festival which will last in Bulgaria until Wednesday, August 9, 2023, at the Borovets Resort Complex.

At the opening of the event, Deputy Cultural Minister Viktor Stoyanov said, “For the first time, the Ministry of Culture supports this event, but I hope it will happen in the coming years, despite political turbulence, and that it will become a permanent support from our ministry.”


Blagoevgrad Big Band received an award on its 30th anniversary during the event. The band opened the second edition of the music forum. “For us, this award means that we are valued, that we are respected and that they respect our work,” said band conductor Boris Yanev upon receiving the prestigious award.

A special guest of Blagoevgrad Big Band on the festival stage was singer Jacqueline Tarakchi, who also received an award – this for a young performer. Deputy Minister of Culture Viktor Stoyanov presented the awards to the laureates. This year, three awards named after Dr Emil Iliev are offered at the Borovets Festival. They are under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

The concert on the first night of the Jazz Forum in Borovets continued with performances by Mikhail Yosifov & the News in Jazz, Manal El Featuri and the VSOP band.

Later in front of the BTA traffic jam. -Minister Stoyanov commented that tourism and culture are inseparable, which should be taken out as a fundamental principle in politics. “This symbiosis is something that our government and team support,” the deputy stressed. – Minister Stoyanov.

“Culture is the place where economy, tourism and diplomacy can connect, and cultural diplomacy will be essential for our government,” he added and pointed out that it was essential to understand culture in a new way – a way that is understood in Europe – as cultural an industry that adds value and lifts government policies to a new level.

Road. -Minister Stoyanov also shared that one of the Ministry’s priorities is to increase the cultural budget.



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