The Minister of Culture, Krastu Krastev, held a working meeting with the leadership of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association recently and shared several updates from the meeting.

As per the sources, the meeting was attended by several delegations from the Ministry of Culture.


These delegations include Amelia Gesheva, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, Director of the Directorate of International Cooperation, European Programs and Regional Activities. nh. Silva Khacheryan, and among the representatives of the Board of Directors of the BBIA were Aneta Doncheva, Chairman, Vasil Zagorov, Dimitar Minev, Kalina Ivanova, Spaska Tarandova, etc., the members of us the bbia.

The delegates extended their pleasure to be a part of the event and to have the opportunity to discuss several aspects regarding the Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting were the steps taken by the Ministry for amending the norm in the sphere of Culture and especially in the field of library work. Minister Krastev emphasized the need to synchronize overall legislation in the sphere of Culture.

Minister Krastu also discussed several ways to enhance and undertake the development of the Cultural Ministry.

In this regard, the Minister of Culture, Krastu Krastev, stressed the critical role of the interaction between the Bulgarian Library and Information Association and the Ministry of Culture and their cooperation with the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Among other issues discussed were the budget preparation as part of Culture for 2024. , different library funding mechanisms, subsidized numbers, standards, technological updates and renewal of library book and building funds, digitalization, and precision tools for measuring various library activities.


Apart from these aspects, the Ideas regarding the activities of the National Library Council were also discussed during the meeting.


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