The Minister of Culture, Krastu Krastev, met with the Ambassador of the French Republic in Bulgaria N. Pr. Joel Meyer on Friday, June 30, 2023. Mrs Irina Petrescu, Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the French Republic in Bulgaria, accompanied him.

During the conversation, Minister Krastev and N. Pr. Meyer has traditionally discussed good bilateral relations between Bulgaria and France and stressed the importance of the mutual cultural partnership, which is essential for all other sectors. The two confirmed that there is still potential for expanding and intensifying cultural cooperation between the two countries.


Minister Krastev stressed that seeking new opportunities for even wider popularization of Bulgarian culture in France, especially our contemporary art is necessary.

The two also noted the next steps after the signing in December 2022. Declaration of Intent between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the French Republic for cooperation in implementing the project to establish a Center for the Arts on the island of St. Annes Kirik and Julita “near the city Sozopol.

Minister Krastev reaffirmed that this project is our priority, and he will begin the necessary concrete implementation as soon as possible. He thanked Ambassador Meyer for his support and pointed out that this was perhaps Bulgaria’s biggest and most ambitious cultural project in recent years. Ambassador Meier confirmed the readiness of the French country to cooperate at every stage of the realization of the Arts Center on St. Island. Annes Kirik and Juliet.”

Two united around the idea that the implementation of such a project requires partners with high expertise, which are owned by specialists from the Agency “French Museums” who, together with Bulgarian experts, will develop a joint pre-project study for the construction of the Arts Center.

N. Pr. Joel Meyer shared with Minister Krastev that the Bulgarian-French project “Training of Bulgarian Architects in the Field of Cultural Heritage”, being held in Bulgaria, is a joint initiative between Ecol de Chayo in Paris and the NINCN, is becoming more and more popular. Many architects from Southeast European countries have applied for training to give the project a regional dimension. So NINKN can become a branch in the region of Ecol de Chayo.

Minister Krastev noted another essential aspect of cultural cooperation – we are already relying on the cultural heritage expert France sent to us to reinforce the work of the Ministry of Culture in connection with the prepared legislative changes related to preserving our cultural values.


At the end of the conversation, Minister Krastev thanked N. Pr. Meyer on the readiness for cooperation and the positive energy our countries will invest in the new development of bilateral cultural relations between Bulgaria and France.


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