Various Caribbean Jurisdictions have participated in the recently held 12 Edition of the IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave at Le Meridian, New Delhi, from 9 to 10 September 2022. The Conclave witnessed a gathering of global residency and citizenship consultants, legal consultants, government bodies, property developers and other stakeholders under one roof.
Various Caribbean nations, such as Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia, have been represented by the CS Global Partners. It is the world’s leading government advisory firm specialising in citizenship and residency solutions.
The Conclave provided an opportunity to outline the various investment opportunity associated with the various Citizenship by Investment Programme running across the globe. In the Conclave, representatives of different programmes interacted in one-on-one engagements with their potential clients and resolved their every query regarding the citizenship industry.
Further, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia has been ranked as the world’s top three programmes in the CBI Index 2022 released by Financial Times of PWM Magazine.
The investment in the CBI Programmes of the three countries provides open doors to countless investment opportunities and offers the chance to become a global citizen. It also provides a perfect platform for wealth planning and portfolio diversification and the citizenship grants for life that can be passed to the next generation. With these programmes, investors also get a chance to live a peaceful and safe life in stable currencies where quality education and modern health facilities are assured. With these benefits, the Citizenship by Investment Programme emerged as one of the prominent platforms to take as a Plan B in a world full of uncertainties.
The event has been attended by a diverse mix of clientele from across the globe, which included entrepreneurs, bankers, chartered accountants, wealth managers and financial experts, to name but a few. It turned out to be a great bridge between representatives, consultants and their potential clients.
The two-day event featured the interaction between the immigration experts and the clients. Various booths of the respective representatives have been filled with discussions regarding citizenship and residency throughout the day.
IREX is hosted annually and presents investment avenues for Worth Individuals (HNWIs) who are seeking to invest in alternative citizenships, real estate and premium luxury properties. The event attracts HNWIs from over 25 countries such as Australia, Canada, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and more.
Immigration experts also give clarification to the investors seeking such investments. The CBI Programmes of St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia provide alternative citizenship to the investors in return for the financial contribution, which is used for the upliftment of the economy of the respective country.
People who are seeking to invest in Dominica can make significant contributions to the Economic Diversification Fund (Fund Option) and Real Estate. St Kitts and Nevis also enable the investor to invest in the Sustainable Growth Fund (Fund Option).
Key investments in St Lucia include the National Economic Fund Investment and real estate, amongst others.
 The IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave serves as a perfect meeting platform and has been running successfully for many years. It brings international citizenship consultants and prominet investors, marketing companies and professionals from all over India under one roof.
CS Global Partners is the world’s leading firm that helps the government of Dominica, Saint Lucia and St Kitts and Nevis to promote their Citizenship by Investment Programme. They also ensured the robust background checks and due-diligence of every application.
 The revenues generated by the CBI Programmes are significant in fulfilling the developmental goals and aspirations of these Small Island Developing States.
CS Global Partners is known as one of the most prominent participants of the IREX Residency and Citizenship Conclave this year. They outlined various aspects of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia and always looked forward to hosting attendees at their stands and showcasing the unique benefits they have to offer investors.


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