UAE: Dubai Police reveals statistics about emergecy response time by rescue department

Dubai Police has uploaded statistics in which the Department has shown substantial improvement in the emergency response time from the emergency services of Dubai, which was recorded at 6.74 minutes in 2021.

PM Terrance Drew outlines significance of CBI Programme of St Kitts and Nevis during his address in Dubai

Prime Minister St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew, has outlined various aspects of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of St Kitts and Nevis during his address in Dubai on 1 December 2022. 

Belgian King Phillipe condemned ‘indescribable violence’ of Russian army in Ukraine

In a part of the planned visit of Belgian soldiers stationed in Pabrade, the eastern region of Lithuania, on Wednesday, the monarch of Belgium, King Phillipe, condemned the "indescribable violence" of the Russian military in Ukraine.

EU Commission to take migration cooperation with Western Balkan nation to next level: Frontex

European Commission is moving to take migration cooperation with Western Balkan nations to the next level, envisaging almost 40 million euros in support and a bigger role for the European border surveillance agency, Frontex, on the ground.

Belgian King Phillip, Queen Mathilde arrived in Lithuania for 3-day State Visit

The King of Belgium, Philippe, along with Queen Mathilde, arrived in Lithuania on Monday at the head of a high-level delegation for a 3-day State visit.

India’s antitrust watchdog slaps Google with fine of $162 million

The global tech-giant Google has been slapped with a fine of over $162 million by India's antitrust watchdog for abusing its dominant position in the local smartphone market.

WHO has zero tolerance for sexual assault: Dr Tedros to Rosie James who was sexually assaulted by WHO official

Crimes across the world have been continuous on the rise, multiple women and men are falling victim to these crimes. So as sexual exploitation, of which, cases are continues to spike. 

CBI Programme of St Kitts and Nevis emerged as perfect platform for turning dreams into reality

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has stormed the world with instability and many people are busy looking for options to escape the challenges and restrictions imposed by their nation of origin.

It’s possible that air pollution can cause damage to babies before they’re born: Research

It is possible for air pollution to cause damage even before babies are born. The research from UHasselt published in the journal of The Lancet Planetary Health has revealed the following information.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

‘A sad day for Italy and Europe’ calls PD leader Enrico Letta on Meloni’s victory

Leader of the Italy's centre-left Democratic Party (PD), Enrico Letta has sought to strike a sad note as he called far-right leader Giorgia Meloni's election as 'a sad day for Italy and Europe.'

Dementia affects over 50 million people worldwide and 10 million cases every year: Reports

A public health priority for the World Health Organization, dementia affects almost 50 million people around the world and every year there are around 10 million new cases.

Over 2,000 guests, 500 foreign dignitaries likely to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral

Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral will take place on Monday, with over 2,000 guests, including 500 foreign dignitaries, expected at Westminster Abbey to lay the sovereign to rest.

California Attorney General launches lawsuit against Amazon

The Attorney-General of the U.S. State of California has launched a lawsuit on Wednesday against Amazon, which he accused of abusing its dominant position to curb competition and drive prices up.

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PSG Snubs Kylian Mbappé for Last Ligue 1 Encounter

Despite fervent anticipation surrounding Mbappé's potential move to the Spanish giants, PSG has chosen to remain tight-lipped regarding the rationale behind his exclusion from the matchday squad

France Escalates Efforts to Quell Unrest in New Caledonia Amid Rising Tensions

High Commissioner Louis Le Franc, the highest state official in New Caledonia, issued a stern warning in a televised address on Sunday, May 19th, asserting that France would spare no effort in reclaiming control of the territory, "whatever the cost"

France Accuses Azerbaijan of Interference in New Caledonia Protests

France has leveled accusations against Azerbaijan, claiming the country's involvement in the recent wave of protests and violence that have gripped the Pacific island territory of New Caledonia

European Union Population Trends: Growth, Decline, and Shifting Densities

While some countries have witnessed substantial population growth, such as France and Spain, which each recorded a remarkable increase of 6.3 million people, others have faced declines

N’Golo Kanté Returns: Deschamps Unveils French Squad for Euro 2024

Deschamps, speaking on French television channel TF1, expressed confidence in Kanté's return, citing his full season of play with Saudi club Al Ittihad, despite the midfielder's struggles with injuries during his time at Chelsea.