In a part of the planned visit of Belgian soldiers stationed in Pabrade, the eastern region of Lithuania, on Wednesday, the monarch of Belgium, King Phillipe, condemned the “indescribable violence” of the Russian military in Ukraine.
The King, accompanied by the President of Lithuania, Gitana Nauseda, was received by officials and military personnel at the Pabrade military base, located less than ten kilometres from the border of Belarus.
.Belgian NATO troops have earlier been stationed in Romania, near the city of Constanta, under the command of French forces. Most of the troops returned home in June, being relieved by the army from the Netherlands.
The two Heads of State participated in a briefing conducted by Belgian army major Jean-Marc Baudouin, before attending a military demonstration of offensive manoeuvres. The leaders also inspected and saluted their respective troops.
In a speech to Belgian soldiers, King Philippe has expressed his pride in the Belgian troops stationed on NATO’s eastern flank.
“The Allies are showing their solidarity, but also their determination to preserve our freedoms, our democratic values, and our prosperity. We see this solidarity reflected here today, and that is impressive,” the King said, making clear reference to Russia’s war against Ukraine.
“I am proud to see Western countries uniting against this barbaric act, these acts of violence, against this indescribable wave of violence,” he continued.
The King also promised that Belgium’s solidarity with Ukraine would continue beyond the war, when the country would need to be rebuilt.
“The time when the fighting will stop is approaching. Then, we can build a free and prosperous Ukraine. There is still a long way to go, but the support of the western world will not stop after the last shot,” King Phillipe concluded.


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