The Citizenship by Investment Programme of St Kitts & Nevis, under the leadership of Citizenship by Investment Unit Head Michael Martin, has made several advancements and updations over time by implementing wise and innovative plans which will not only benefit the investors but would also bring enhancements into the lives of local citizens and High Net Worth Individuals.

The Head of Citizenship by Investment Unit of St Kitts & Nevis, Michael Martin, with his excellent leadership skills, efficient agendas, and plans to evolve its alternative citizenship, has established a solid foundation for local citizens and High Net Worth Individuals through the citizenship by investment programme of the twin-island nation.


The programme offers investors exceptional benefits, including wealth planning, portfolio diversification, and citizenship legacy. It helps to build modern and sustainable infrastructure that would benefit its Local Citizens and HNWIs.

The local citizens want their future to be safe and secure, along with sustainable development. HNWIs are always in search of building a prosperous future for themselves and their families, along with the opportunity to maximise their global impact.

The CIU Head has also primarily focused on their goals to bring evolution in the Citizenship by Investment Programme and filled the sustainable model with integrity, transparency and accountability to bring efficient growth and development.

CIU Head Michael Martin has efficiently implemented wise and innovative plans to strengthen the Sustainable Growth Fund. He has positioned SGF as the smart choice for Intelligent investors seeking growth beyond shores and a sustainable route to prosperity.

Another exceptional plan implemented by the CIU head is the introduction of the Limited Time Offer to enhance the programme’s standards and add a new layer of integrity to the programme. Through the LTO, investors can obtain citizenship in St Kits and Nevis in 60 days with a minimum contribution of US$125,000 towards the Sustainable Growth Fund.


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