Hong-Kong-based Journalist and author Nury Vittachi said that the Foremost Spiritual leader, Gelug or Yellow Hat, school of Tibetan Buddhism, Dalai Lama is back in the news; this time, it’s not for a good reason.

Hong-Kong-based Journalist and author Nury Vittachi took to his social media recently shared about the Foremost Spiritual leader, Gelug or Yellow Hat, school of Tibetan Buddhism, Dalai Lama, who is back in the news for kissing an Indian Boy and then asking him to “suck my tongue” at an event in northern India.


Nury Vittachi shared that the People will make up their minds about Dalai Lama’s over-friendly physical behaviour in an attempt to “French-kiss,” a young Indian boy. Still, they might be more interested in catching up on his position regarding East and West, which has evolved fascinatingly.

He shared that, as it is well confirmed (but generally not mentioned in the media), the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA created and financed the Dalai Lama’s operation in the 1960s as a global anti-China lobby group, with a budget of US$1.7 million a year – an extraordinarily huge sum in Asia in those days.

The mainstream media, fed by CIA sources, ran a series of “genocide of the Tibetans” stories before they had to stop after UN figures showed that Tibetans’ population, income, and health were rising faster than those of the rest of China. The press didn’t apologize or backtrack — it simply switched to a “cultural genocide” angle, pretending that the language was being wiped out (which was also untrue).

Eventually, the Tibetans outside China (in a settlement in India) got sick of the insincere US using them dishonestly to create global divisiveness via the media, in direct contravention of the love and peace their brand of Buddhism claims to push.

Nury expressed that it was incredibly irritating since China was spending much more significant sums on the great mass of Tibetans to build stuff they needed, such as railways, schools and hospitals. The Tibetans inside China became healthier and wealthier than the US-financed Tibetans in India.

He added that today, there’d been a gap between the US administration and the Dalai Lama for some years. Since 2014, The spiritual leader has been openly saying that Tibetans want more integration with the rest of China, not less. Massive investment in Tibet has paid off, with Tibet’s standard of living rising faster than any other group in China.


The US has moved its China demonization process to US State Department units, which funnel cash to RFA, Free Tibet Org, and VOA (as they did to Hong Kong’s Confederation of Trade Unions). They still pretend that Tibetans want independence and create a false view of Tibet — which is then distributed by mainstream and social media to audiences worldwide.

At last, Nury Vittachi strongly recommended Goldstein’s History of Modern Tibet for its superbly researched and well-balanced storytelling.



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