Cyprus has discovered a new variant of the COVID-19 pandemic called Deltacron. The new variant resembles the previous virus as it has a similar genetic background with the Delta variant, while the variant also consists of some mutations from Omicron.

On this discovered variant, experts said that there is nothing to worry about that at the moment as it is not much contagious right now.


According to the report of Cyprus mail, in the samples of the new variant that were taken in Cyprus, a total of 10 mutations were found from Omicron. In the total of 25 samples, 11 samples came from those individuals who were hospitalized due to the viral infection; on the other hand, 14 samples came from the general population in Jerusalem Post.

The head of the laboratory of biotechnology and molecular virology at the University of Cyprus, Dr Leondios Kostrikis, cited that the patients that have reported the new variant called Deltacron contain a very high frequency of the mutation. It further points at the correlation between the new variant and hospitalizations.

While emphasizing the mutation of the new variant, he asserted that the new variant has a similar genetic background to the Delta variant. In contrast, it has some mutations from the Omicron variant.

On Saturday, Cyprus’s Health Minister Michalis hadjipandelas, there is nothing to worry about the new variant at that moment, and moreover, he also expressed pride in the discovering of Deltacron.

While expressing pride, Hadjipandelas asserted that they are really proud of our scientists ad the findings and research of the team of Dr Kostrikis. Further, when it comes to health matters, Cyprus came into the international map due to this finding and the researches of great scientists.

Till now, the scientific names of the new variant has yet not been announced by the expert.



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