Denmark Walpole Football Club is all set to launch an Intimate Club Support Program for the Local Community Sports Club in Denmark. The Club has partnered with the Country Football WA. The Program is intended to be a perfect opportunity for community members to explore Football.

The Intimate Club Sport Program is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in developing culture and better environments within Denmark to attend.

The Program targets volunteers, committee members, coaches, umpires, local leaders, and parents. It would be open to all sports and community members.

The Intimate Club Support Program will commence in Denmark on Wednesday, November 22 and Thursday, November 23, 2023, from 6:30 PM at DWFC Clubrooms.

This workshop will be delivered by Matt Angus. He has over 25 years of coaching experience in junior, community, elite talent pathway and senior state league football.

Matt also has extensive experience facilitating sporting clubs in forming clear visions, cultural charters, welfare and mental health plans and leadership through ‘Beyond the Business’.

Matt, in collaboration with the WAFC, will lead a program of willing clubs to enhance the game day environment and provide club development support in our football community.

This workshop is different from a usual club development workshop. 

It will provide an extensive and intimate support program to assist local clubs in creating positive cultures and operational practices that will enhance the experience for all participants.

The Program will provide outcomes that give clubs a clear vision, purpose and cultural charter for immediate use and into the future.

Here are some highlighted points about the Intimate Club Support Programme:-

  1. Elevating good clubs to great clubs
  2. Player and volunteer retention
  3. Alignment to the motivations of participants – fun, enjoyment, health and skill mastery
  4. Clear communication strategies
  5. Improved volunteer satisfaction
  6. Better game-day environments
  7. Conflict resolution skills
  8. Positive coaching philosophies
  9. Increased volunteer and player retention Operational strategies that provide additional social benefits, such as mental health plans for all club stakeholders
  10. The Club alignments to both WAFC and community values and expectations



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